Union Office Sample Clauses

Union Office. Upon application by the Union, in writing, the Hospital will give reasonable consideration to a request for leave of absence, without pay, to an employee elected or appointed to full-time Union office. It is understood that not more than one (1) employee in the bargaining unit may be on such leave at the same time. Such leave, if granted, shall be for a period of one (1) calendar year (in the case of the Union President, two (2) calendar years) from the date of appointment unless extended for a further specific period by agreement of the parties. Seniority and service shall accumulate during such leave to the maximum provided, if any, under the provisions of the Collective Agreement. It will become the responsibility of the employee for full payment of any applicable benefits in which the employee is participating during such leave of absence.
Union Office. 32.01 The Company will continue to provide office space for the Union Chairperson, Committeepersons, Stewards, Health and Safety Co-Chairperson, and Substance Abuse Representative. These offices will be properly heated, ventilated and air conditioned as well, equipped with proper office furniture and maintained to the standards of other offices in the plant. The Company will reimburse the Union for the monthly flat rate charges for the phone in each office, and for long distance charges to conduct union business provided those charges are applied only for calls made in the Province of Ontario. The company will provide direct inward dialling. The Company agrees to pay for the costs of the additional phone line for fax machines and to provide company e-mail service in the chairperson’s office.
Union Office. 6.01 All sums deducted, together with the record of those from whom deductions have been made listing the employee’s first and last name and a list (first and last names) of those for whom deductions were not made with a reason as to why no deductions were made. IncludeAddress, Phone Numbers, Department, Classification, Wage Rate, Status (Full time or Part time) and Start Day”, forwarded electronically by e-mail and the amount shall be forwarded to and received by the Treasurer of the Local Union along with the EmployeesSocial Insurance Number on the 15th day of the month following the deductions. All new employees in positions under the scope of the Union shall, as a condition of employment, become and remain members of the Union. The Union agrees to accept into membership all such new employees.
Union Office. The Employer will provide the Union with an office within the CDHA. The Union is responsible for the provision of all items in this office, other than desk, chairs, filing cabinet and local distance telephone.
Union Office. The office space and mailboxes currently being provided to the Union shall continue. Such accommodation shall be free of charge. The use of CAMH’s services (such as duplicating, computer services including e- mail) shall be made reasonably available to the Union subject to priorities determined by the Employer in its discretion and subject to such charges for the use of such facilities and services as CAMH incurs to provide them. For general membership meetings, with approval by the Executive Director of Human Resources or designate, and subject to space availability, CAMH agrees to endeavour to provide space for meetings of the Local Union within CAMH offices.
Union Office. The College shall provide a permanently assigned office for the exclusive use of UFF-Brevard, and meeting space which may be shared. The office/meeting room shall be lockable with access only to Union officers identified by the UFF-Brevard President except in the event of an emergency in which case College safety and security officers may make emergency entry. The UFF-Brevard office will be provided a telephone line with voicemail service and will be listed in the College telephone directory.
Union Office. The Employer will provide the Union with an office for the period of this Agreement, together with the necessary office equipment standard at the University, excluding a telephone.