Principles Sample Clauses

Principles. 1.1 The Trust will be governed by trustees appointed by the OECTA (“the employee trustees”) and trustees appointed by OCSTA and the Crown acting together (“the employer trustees”);
Principles. 1.1.0 The Trust will be governed by trustees appointed by the ETFO and trustees appointed by OPSBA and the Crown acting together;
Principles. OPG and The Society agree to make their best efforts to adhere to the principle statements found in the Articles of the Collective Agreement in a balanced way, recognizing that some principles may compete with others. With the exception of the Principles of Agreement found in the Tripartite Agreement on Health and Safety Committees in Article 89, the parties agree that these principle statements are not subject to the grievance/arbitration procedure on their own standing.
Principles. 21.1.1 Supervisors are expected to ensure all employees understand what is expected of them, encourage ambitious goal setting, stress accountability for results, and tolerate honest mistakes but not poor performance.
Principles a) The Company recognizes the principles of seniority in their application to the promotion, demotion, transfer, lay-off and recall and permanent movement from day to shift positions of an employee, providing the employee has the qualifications and ability to perform the work. In cases of permanent job transfers, it is not the company's intent to give a junior employee preference over a senior employee on the basis that they have acquired experience by providing relief. If an employee is moved out of a line of progression for any reason, the employer will not require retesting of the employee for them to return to that specific line of progression. No employee will be removed from the mill as the result of unilateral testing by the employer.
Principles. The following principles apply to the relationship between the Company and the Union and the work performed by Union members.
Principles. 4.1. The Authorities intend to provide the fullest possible mutual assistance to one another within the terms of this Co-operation Agreement. This Co-operation Agreement shall be subject to the domestic laws and Regulations of each Authority and shall not modify or supersede any applicable laws or regulatory requirements in force in, or applicable to, any such Authority’s respective jurisdictions. This Co-operation Agreement sets forth a statement of intent and accordingly does not create any enforceable rights, and is not legally binding. This Co-operation Agreement is intended to complement, but not affect or alter, the terms and conditions of any other multilateral or bilateral arrangements concluded between the Authorities or between the Authorities and third parties.