Settlement of Sample Clauses

Settlement of. Head to Head" bet offers involving the performance of two or more players (e.g. Best Finishing Position in the tournament) will be based upon the best finishing position/lowest score (as applicable) achieved in the relative event/round which the bet refers to.
Settlement of the litigation pending in the District Court of Denver County, Denver, Colorado, entitled GORDON YALE V. JANUS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION, THOMAS H. BAILEY AND WILLIAM C. MANGUS, shall be made only as approved or directed by KCSI, and any amounts paid, or obligations incurred, by JMC or JCC (except for the fees and expenses of their counsel) in connection with such litigation, including any settlement thereof not in excess of $100,000 or satisfaction of any judgment obtained therein, shall be borne solely by Thomas H. Bailey and William C. Mangus provided that they shall bear the costs of settlement up to $100,000 only if they have approved such settlement, in the same proportion as their respective ownership of the shares of JCC and JMC owned by them immediately prior to the Closing Date. If, at the time of any such settlement or judgment, Thomas H. Bailey or William C. Mangus is an employee of JCC, in lieu of receiving reimbursement for any amount that such employee may be liable for hereunder, JCC shall reduce such employee's compensation by such amount.
Settlement of. 40% (and after the occurrence of a Revoking Event, 100%) of the interest installments that have fallen due up to (inclusive) the Date of Receipt, to the Seller or up to (inclusive) 45 days after the Date of Receipt in accordance with the Seller's Finance Documents and to the Holders of Series 1 and Series A to D Notes issued by the Borrower, in accordance with the Notes Documents, so long as no Event of Default has occurred;
Settlement of a non-deliverable foreign exchange transaction shall be as stated in the Confirmation for such transaction and shall be effected notwithstanding that no delivery is contemplated.
Settlement of. Cardinal Health agrees to pay invoice number RA 63249647 in the amount of $**** in full settlement of all claims arising under invoice number RA 63218355 in the amount of $****, which was previously issued by Supplier for a **** or ****.
Settlement of. Consideration The NGGH Consideration shall be settled by GasT MidCo to the Seller pursuant to Clause 6 and Schedule 4. 3.3 Adjustment to NGGH Consideration If any payment is made by the Seller to GasT MidCo in respect of any claim for Leakage or for any breach of this Agreement or pursuant to any indemnity or covenant to pay under this Agreement or the Tax Indemnity (or any agreement entered into under this Agreement or under the Tax Indemnity), the payment shall, if and to the extent permitted by law, be made by way of a reduction to the consideration paid by GasT MidCo for the NGGH Shares under this Agreement, and the NGGH Consideration shall be deemed to have been reduced by the amount of such payment (up to a maximum of the NGGH Consideration).
Settlement of a grievance shall not involve retroactive pay beyond 60 calendar days prior to the date that such grievance was first submitted in writing.