Formal Grievance Procedure Sample Clauses

Formal Grievance Procedure. Stage 1:
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Formal Grievance Procedure. 1. In the event that a complaint cannot be resolved informally, the parties shall pursue the first step in the formal grievance procedure before making any application for arbitration, unless the College and the AAUP agree in writing to alter the procedure or waive one or more of the steps by proceeding directly to arbitration.
Formal Grievance Procedure. A. If the parties are unable or unwilling to resolve a grievable concern or problem through the informal process described in Section 6.01 above, a formal grievance may be filed under this section.
Formal Grievance Procedure. An employee whose grievance is not satisfactorily resolved by the informal procedure may institute a formal grievance. The formal grievance shall conform to the following:
Formal Grievance Procedure. Level 1. If a complaint is not resolved through the informal resolution procedure, a formal grievance may be submitted in writing by the grievant or HCAFA to the appropriate Xxxx no later than twenty five (25) days after the date of the occurrence giving rise to the grievance or from the date when the grievant might reasonably have become aware of the occurrence. The formal written grievance shall clearly identify the grievant(s), summarize known relevant facts, identify all provisions of the Agreement allegedly violated, and describe the remedy which is being requested. The Xxxx will meet with the grievant and HCAFA representative(s) to review the grievance no later than ten (10) days after receipt of the grievance. The Xxxx shall provide a written response to the grievant with a copy to HCAFA no later than ten
Formal Grievance Procedure. A. Step 1. Within twenty (20) working days of the occurrence or discovery of an alleged grievance, the formal grievance procedure may be initiated by employee or Union filing an appropriate Notice of Grievance form with the Deputy of Human Resources or designee. A copy shall be provided to the Labor Relations Unit and the Union.
Formal Grievance Procedure. If the matter has not been disposed of informally, an employee having a complaint concerning any condition of employment within the authority of the Board of Education may, within a reasonable period not to exceed 75 days following the action complained of, present such complaint as a grievance in accordance with the provisions of this grievance procedure. Complaints concerning matters which are not within the authority of the Board should be presented in accordance with the review procedures of the agency having authority over such matters. The grievance procedure does not apply to complaints concerning out-of-title work except that a complaint by an employee that he/she has been assigned continuously after September 1, 1974, for three months or more to the general duties and responsibilities prescribed for a higher title in the unit is subject to the grievance procedure. This exception does not apply in the case of employees who receive "compensation for special assignments" as provided in Article III D of this Agreement. Other complaints as to out-of-title work are to be referred to the Executive Director, Division of Personnel. It is understood however that complaints of employees in title against out-of-title assignments made to other employees are subject to the grievance procedure. If a group of employees has the same complaint, a member of the group may present the grievance in the group's behalf under this procedure. The Union has the right to initiate or appeal a grievance involving alleged violation of any term of this Agreement. Such grievance shall be initiated within a reasonable period of time not to exceed 90 days with the Director of the Office of School Food and Nutrition Services. Grievances arising from the action of officials other than the Director of the Office of School Food and Nutrition Services shall be initiated with and processed by such officials in accordance with the provisions of Step 3 of this grievance procedure. Following is the procedure for presentation and adjustment of grievances: Office of School Food and Nutrition Services (Steps 1 and 2)
Formal Grievance Procedure. 15.5.1 Step 1 - Xxxx or Vice President
Formal Grievance Procedure. If informal attempts at resolving a complaint do not result in a settlement, a formal grievance may be filed. The grievant shall file a written grievance with the appropriate Chief Human Resources Officer or designee within thirty (30) calendar days following the act or omission giving rise to the grievance or the date thereafter on which the employee knew or reasonably should have known of such act or omission. The Chief Human Resources Officer or designee shall forward the grievance to the appropriate initial hearing level: the appropriate Xxxx or the appropriate Vice President (Article 15.5.1), or the two President (Article 15.5.2) level. Unless specified elsewhere in this Agreement, the appropriate initial level shall be the lowest level at which a remedy is possible. If the grievant and the Chief Human Resources Officer or designee disagree about the appropriate level, the initial level shall be the lower of the two. In the formal grievance procedure, no individual shall hear a case at any step who has heard the grievance at an earlier step. For the initial step or any subsequent step in this formal grievance procedure, the parties may request in writing the postponement of any single action in the process for a period of up to seven (7) calendar days. The initial such request by either party shall be granted. Additional extensions may be granted by mutual consent of the parties.
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