Informal Procedure Sample Clauses

Informal Procedure. A complaint may be presented informally to the administrator whose decision or action is being contested.
Informal Procedure. As an informal step, an employee is encouraged to make an xxxxxxx effort to resolve the issue directly with the Management person to whom the employee reports. The employee may choose to be accompanied by a Xxxxxxx.
Informal Procedure. 14.4 The Board and the Union agree that it is desirable that any complaint should be addressed as quickly as possible. Members are therefore encouraged to discuss the complaint informally with their immediate Supervisor within fifteen (15) working days from the date of the occurrence, which led to the complaint with a view to the parties reaching a settlement of the complaint. The Supervisor shall answer the complaint within five (5) working days after first discussing the complaint with the Member(s).
Informal Procedure. If a member of the bargaining unit believes he/she has a grievance, he/she shall first discuss the matter in good faith with his/her immediate supervisor in an effort to resolve the problem informally. This action shall take place within fifteen (15) days after the grievant knew or could reasonably have been expected to know of the event giving rise to the grievance. At the informal procedure, the grievant may be accompanied by an Association member representative or an association staff representative. The immediate supervisor or principal, may have a member of his/her managerial staff, or if none exists, an assistant principal from another school at the meeting in the event that the Association member representative is present. In this informal action, the grievant shall advise his/her supervisor of the particular section of the agreement alleged to have been violated. No record shall be maintained except for a dated and signed statement verifying the fact that an informal discussion has been held. The immediate supervisor will respond to the grievance within two (2) days after the informal meeting.
Informal Procedure. The Board and Union acknowledge that it is usually most desirable for an employee and the employee’s immediately involved supervisor to resolve problems through free and normal communications. If, however, the informal process fails to satisfy the employee or the Union, a grievance may be processed as follows:
Informal Procedure. When a potential grievance arises, the bargaining unit member(s) and/or the Union shall meet with the representative(s) of the Administration (Chairperson, Xxxx of Libraries or Xxxxxxx) closest to and best able to discuss the matter, and possessing the authority to resolve the dispute. Informal efforts at settlement shall not extend beyond twenty (20) days without the written agreement of each of the parties. The Administration and the Union agree that informal resolutions of grievances do not set precedents.
Informal Procedure. Any employee who has a grievance first shall discuss it informally with his/her building principal.
Informal Procedure. In the event that the grievant believes there is a basis for a grievance, he may first discuss the alleged grievance with the immediate administrative person who has the authority to bring about a resolution of the alleged problem. Said discussion may be held confidentially and personally by the grievant, and/or his Association representative.
Informal Procedure. Any employee having a grievance should verbally present same directly to his supervisor in an effort to clarify the grievance and mutually achieve settlement. The initial presentation should be without the benefit of representation; however, one (1) subsequent presentation may be made with the benefit of representation. The departmental management has the responsibility to:
Informal Procedure. Any faculty member may present and discuss his/her grievance with the University administration with or without a representative of the Association. Similarly, a representative of the Association may present and discuss a grievance with the University administration on behalf of any faculty member or group of faculty members. Any settlement, withdrawal or disposition of a grievance at this informal stage shall not constitute a binding precedent in the settlement of similar grievances.