Decision Sample Clauses

Decision. The decision by the arbitrator shall be rendered within thirty (30) days after the close of the hearing. Decisions by the arbitrator in cases properly before him shall be final and binding upon the parties, subject, however, to the limitations of arbitration decisions as provided by the P.E.L.R.A.
Decision. (a) The decision of the majority shall be the decision of the Board of Arbitration. Where there is no majority decision, the decision of the Chair shall be the decision of the Board of Arbitration. The decision of the Board of Arbitration shall be final and binding and enforceable on all parties, but in no event shall the Arbitrator/Board of Arbitration have the power to change the Collective Agreement or to alter, modify or amend any of its provisions.
Decision. The power of the arbitrator to fashion procedures and remedies within the scope of this Agreement is recognized by the Parties as essential to the success of the arbitration process. The arbitrator shall not have the authority to fashion remedies, unless the remedy would be available to a federal judge hearing the same dispute. The arbitrator is encouraged to operate on this premise in an effort to reach a fair and just decision but shall fashion such rules and procedures to best approximate Federal rules and procedures except with respect to procedural time limits and delays (which shall be set by the arbitrator pursuant to Article 14.3(e)). Reasons for the arbitrator's decisions should be complete and explicit. A full transcript and record of the proceedings as well as written decisions including all determinations of law and fact shall be provided for the appellate process. The written reasons should also include the basis for any damages awarded and a statement of how the damages were calculated. Such a written decision shall be rendered by the arbitrator following a full comprehensive hearing, no later than six (6) months following the selection of the arbitrator as provided for in Article 14.3. If as to any issue the arbitrator should determine under the applicable law that the position taken by a Party is frivolous or otherwise irresponsible or that any wrongdoing they find is in callous disregard of law and equity or the rights of the other Party, the arbitrator shall also award an appropriate allocation of the adversary attorney's reasonable fees, costs and expenses to be paid by the offending Party, the precise sums to be determined after a bill of attorney fees, expenses and costs consistent with such award has been presented following the award on the merits.
Decision. The decision of the arbitrator or a majority of the three arbitrators, as the case may be, as to any claim or dispute (including the validity and amount of any indemnification claim set forth in a Claim Notice) shall be final, binding, and conclusive upon the Parties to this Agreement. Such decision shall be written and shall be supported by written findings of fact and conclusions which shall set forth the award, judgment, decree or order awarded by the arbitrator(s).
Decision. The Unit Head or representative shall issue a written decision, stating the reasons therefore, to grievant’s Step 1 representative within thirty (30) days following the conclusion of the meeting. Thirty days shall be determined by a receipt executed by the office receiving the grievance, or by the date of mailing as determined by the postmark. In the absence of an agreement to extend the period for issuing the Step 1 decision, the grievant may proceed to Step 2 if the grievant’s Step 1 representative has not received the written decision by the end of the 30th day following the conclusion of the Step 1