The Executive Director Sample Clauses

The Executive Director. The Executive Director is the person employed by the Commission in that title.
The Executive Director of MTC will perform the following duties and functions with respect to ABAG and the LCPs:
The Executive Director of the Union shall furnish to the City a list of the Union Representatives and the City will not recognize a person as an Union Representative whose name does not appear on the list.
The Executive Director. To the extent required by the laws of the MSAR, the Company shall at all times have one (1) Director who is a permanent resident of the MSAR and who shall be designated as the Executive Director of the Company in accordance with the rules set forth in Article 19 of MSAR Law No. 16/2001 (the “Executive Director”). The Executive Director shall (a) be a Director designated by the Shareholders to serve as the Executive Director of the Company, (b) participate as a member of the Board, (c) be appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the Board, (d) report to and be subject to the direction of, the Board, and (e) be delegated such management authority as the Board shall from time to time grant to the Executive Director, in writing, subject always to Article 466.3 of the Macau Commercial Code, and the Executive Director’s authority shall not exceed the authority so delegated. The current role and duties of the Executive Director are set forth in Article 16.4 of the Amended Articles and on Exhibit B. The Directors have designated Wxxx to serve as the initial Executive Director.
The Executive Director. (a) Where the Board has employed an Executive Director, the Executive Director shall have the responsibility and authority to control the day-to-day administration of the Trust Fund, subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Plan, any written agreement between the Board and the Executive Director, and any policies, procedures and other rules that may from time to time be established by the Board.
The Executive Director a. The Executive Director works under the direction of the Chair to implement policies and operational decisions, and reports the NOHFC's performance to the Board.
The Executive Director. The administration of ECHO shall be vested in the Executive Director, who shall be responsible to the Board.
The Executive Director. University Advancement, with the Director of Alumni Relations, will oversee the University’s alumni relations operations budget and will provide to the President of the LUAA a report of expenditures and commitments in support of the LUAA quarterly or as requested.
The Executive Director. 1. The Executive Director shall be appointed by the Executive Board on the direction of the Council. The Executive Director shall serve for a period of five years and may be re-appointed.
The Executive Director. The Executive Director is the chief administrative officer of the Flood Diversion Board of Authority. The Executive Director is chosen by the Flood Diversion Board of Authority solely on the basis of training, experience, executive and administrative qualifications. The Executive Director is appointed by the Flood Diversion Board for an indefinite term and may be removed at any time by the Flood Diversion Board; however, after serving as Executive Director for one year the Executive Director may demand written charges and a hearing on the charges before the Flood Diversion Board prior to the date when the final removal takes place. Pending the hearing and removal, the Flood Diversion Board may suspend the Executive Director from office. After the hearing, the Flood Diversion Board may reinstate the Executive Director or make the removal final. The Deputy Executive Director will perform the duties of the Executive Director during the Executive Director's absence or disability or while the office of the Executive Director is vacant.‌