Educational Sample Clauses

Educational. The Appointing Authority may approve an individual employee’s written request for full-time educational leave of absence for an initial period of time up to one (1) year. Such request will be answered in writing within thirty (30) calendar days stating approval or denial (with an explanation). Before the approved leave of absence can become finally effective, a curriculum plan and proof of full-time enrollment must be submitted by the employee to the Appointing Authority. At the request of the Appointing Authority, the employee shall provide evidence of continuous, successful full-time enrollment in such curriculum plan in order to remain on or renew such leave. Such education shall be directly related to the employee’s field of employment. Such employee may return early from such a leave upon approval by the Appointing Authority.
Educational. A leave of absence not to exceed one (1) year may be granted for the purpose of permitting the bargaining unit member to continue his/her education. The bargaining unit member will provide to the District his/her anticipated course of study and the length of leave time needed. Upon return from the leave, the Employer may reimburse the bargaining unit member for the cost of tuition and fees. During such leave, seniority and experience (pay) credit shall neither accrue nor be lost.
Educational. A bargaining unit member who wishes to pursue formal education, training, or specialized experience which is related to his/her position in the YSU Police Department may be granted leave without pay for a period of up to two (2) years when the University concurs that the proposed leave activities will benefit the University as well as the employee. An employee on leave of this type may be returned to active pay status earlier than originally scheduled if the return is mutually acceptable to the University and the employee. The University may cancel the leave and direct the employee to return to active pay status if it is learned that the leave is not being used for the purpose for which it was granted: in this case the employee will be so notified in writing. A bargaining unit member taking educational leave without pay may maintain his/her insurance coverage by paying the group rate to the University.
Educational. A leave of absence for the purpose of pursuing job-related training may be granted for up to twelve (12) month period at the discretion and approval of the supervisor. The Employee shall continue to participate in the group benefit plans, with the exception of Long Term Disability, and the Employer and the Employee shall continue to pay their normal share of the benefit premiums.
Educational. Certificated employees may request, for a period not to exceed one (1) year, leave without pay for further education and professional development subject to the approval of the Director of Schools. Other full time employment is not permissible under this position.
Educational. There shall be an Educational Leave Committee which shall consist of two (2) representatives from the VTF and two (2) from the Board, including the Associate Superintendent - Human Resources who shall chair the Committee. The Committee shall develop rules and guidelines governing Educational Leave (to be approved by the Superintendent), adjudicate requests made in writing to the Associate Superintendent - Human Resources and forward to the Board recommendations regarding the granting of such leaves. The Board shall include in its annual budget a sum of money equal to decimal zero five per cent (.05%) of category 6/M maximum for each F.T.E. employee in the District. Any monies not allocated in a given year shall be carried forward to the subsequent year(s).