Accrediting organization definition

Accrediting organization means any Person from which any Borrower has received an accreditation as of the Closing Date or thereafter.
Accrediting organization means the Community Health Accreditation Program, The Joint Commission, or Accreditation Commission for Health Care.
Accrediting organization means an independent organization that determines whether a Food Protection Manager Certification Program meets the Standards set by the CFP.

Examples of Accrediting organization in a sentence

  • Accrediting organization in order to carry out their accrediting functions.

  • Accrediting organization which develops health care performance measurements and provides certifications of quality to health care providers.

  • Accrediting organization organizations” means a national accreditation organization that is approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services per Title 42 Part 488.4 Code of Federal Regulations to offer a deemed status option and whose standards incorporate comparable licensure regulations as determined by the Agency.

  • Accrediting organization" means an organization approved by the board.

  • The Court recalls that it “has consistently made clear that it is for the organ which requests the opinion, and not for the Court, to determine whether it needs the opinion for the proper performance of its functions”.

More Definitions of Accrediting organization

Accrediting organization means an organization that awards accreditation to managed care organizations, other health care organizations, hospitals, or other related institutions.
Accrediting organization means an independent organization, such as the American National Standards Institute, that determines whether a food protection certification examination meets the standards established by the Conference for Food Protection.
Accrediting organization means a recognized organization whose standards are comparable to the licensure regulations required by this state.
Accrediting organization means an independent orga­ nization that determines whether a food protection manager certification program meets the standards of this chapter.
Accrediting organization means an organization approved by the board.
Accrediting organization means any person that accredits or certifies the business, operations, services, facilities or programs of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries.