Department of Education Sample Clauses

Department of Education. The School shall administer all student testing as required by applicable federal and state laws, rules, policies, and procedures.
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Department of Education. Xxxxxx College agrees to notify Southwestern College, of any adverse changes in its accreditation status. Transfer literature for degrees offered at Southwestern College, will be provided upon request by contacting the Professional Studies administrative offices. No financial implications concerning the transfer or exchange of cash, equipment, or real estate is intended or implied by this agreement. Southwestern College and Xxxxxx College are separate and independent institutions of higher education and intend to remain so. The administrators of Southwestern College and Xxxxxx College are authorized to prepare and implement plans of action and procedures necessary to effect this agreement.
Department of Education. The project carries out a variety of activities that provide information needed for program improvement, and promote the utilization of research data and other information for improving outcomes for students with disabilities. The project also provides technical assistance and information on emerging issues, and convenes small work groups to gather expert input, obtain feedback and develop conceptual frameworks related to critical topics in special education. This report was supported by the U.S. Department of Education (Cooperative Agreement No. H159K70002). However, the opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the position of the U.S. Department of Education, and no official endorsement by the Department should be inferred. Note: There are no copyright restrictions on this document; however, please credit the source and support of federal funds when copying all or part of this material. This document, along with many other FORUM publications, can be downloaded from the Project FORUM at NASDSE web address: xxxx://xx To order a hard copy of this document or any other FORUM publications, please contact Xxxxx Xxxxxxx at 703-519-3800 ext. 312 or NASDSE, 0000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Ph: 703-519-3800 ext. 312 or Email: Acknowledgements Project FORUM extends its sincere appreciation to the individuals listed below who reviewed and commented on an earlier draft of this document. Their efforts have served to enrich the quality and accuracy of the information. Our acknowledgement of their involvement does not necessarily indicate their endorsement of this final document. Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx Director Office for Exceptional Children Ohio Department of Education Columbus, OH Xxx Xxxxxx Educational Consultant Western Regional Resource Center University of Oregon Eugene, OR Table of Contents Background and Purpose 1 Federal Monitoring of States 1 Continuous Improvement Monitoring Process (CIMP) 1 Focused Monitoring 2 State Monitoring of LEAs 3 Analysis of Survey Results 3 Monitoring Approach 3 General Approach 3 Influence of CIMP 4 Focused Monitoring 4 Monitoring Scope and Personnel 5 Entities Monitored 5 Monitoring Personnel 6 The Monitoring Process: Specific Characteristics/Areas of Change 6 Monitoring Cycle 6 Self-assessments 6 Including Quality and Outcome Measures 7 Participation on State Monitoring Teams 7 Coordinating Monitoring with Part C of IDEA 7 Consolidating Monitoring with Other Educatio...
Department of Education. The Ohio Fire Academy and/or the National Fire Academy approved courses are acceptable for purposes of this Article. Provided that all other requirements of this Article are met, any such institution that offers its coursework online and does not require classroom attendance shall be considered acceptable. Approval for internet courses outside the State of Ohio will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Labor Relations Manager or designee. Approval of institutions and courses shall be obtained from the Labor Relations Manager or designee no more than thirty (30) days or less than ten (10) days prior to the first day of the scheduled course(s). Seminars and conferences shall be ineligible for tuition reimbursement.
Department of Education. This includes Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degrees.
Department of Education. The Eligible Lender Trustee shall, upon the written request of the Master Servicer, furnish the Master Servicer with any power of attorney and other documents reasonably necessary or appropriate to enable the Master Servicer to prepare and file such claims, forms and other documents and filings.
Department of Education. The Department of Education will support the New Xxxx Consolidated School Council by:
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Department of Education. After a student is hired by the Agency, both the student and the Agency will receive an email detailing the position, supervisor, employee, rate of pay, Handshake job ID number and the maximum amount the student can earn. The Institution reserves the right to increase this amount based on available funding at the student’s or Agency’s request. The Institution also reserves the right to decrease or cancel the student’s Federal Work-Study funding based on changes in the student’s eligibility criteria. Should the amount change, the student and supervisor will be notified via email. The student cannot begin working until confirmation has been received that the student has processed for payroll and received an official start date. The Agency will be required to pay any earnings for the student should the student begin working prior to their official start date (for those specific days), work after the Agency has been notified the student is no longer eligible, or work over their allotted amount of Federal Work-Study funds. A student working a consecutive four-hour period is entitled to a 15-minute break with pay. A student working a six to eight-hour period is entitled to two 15-minute breaks with pay and must clock out for no less than a 30-minute meal break (without pay). Paid breaks may not be taken at the beginning or end of the work period and are not cumulative. The breaks should be taken when they will not place an undue burden on the Agency. Students are not permitted to work during University holidays or when the University is closed – including emergency closures such as snow days when both classes are canceled and University employees (except for emergency/essential personnel) are told not to report to work. Information on permissible work hours can be found in the WVU Federal Work-Study Supervisor Handbook available on the FWS Supervisor Resources page at xxxxx://
Department of Education. Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) program, authorized under WIOA title II;
Department of Education. The USBE has also established a base allocation for all LEAs using the state set aside as we did with the original XXXXX I and XXXXX II awards. One-Time Funding LEAs should note that the ARP XXXXX is one-time funding that must be utilized by September 30, 2023 and plan expenses accordingly. (Please note, due to the federal Xxxxxxx Amendment, awardees have an additional 12-months to submit final reimbursement paperwork, which is the 09/30/24 date referenced in the fact sheet. We are encouraging all of our LEAs to make plans to spend by the end of the award period 09/30/23.)
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