Tuition and Fees Sample Clauses

Tuition and Fees. You agree to pay the full-time annual Tuition and Residential or Non-Residential Fees as stated. The Residential fees include the Santa Xxxxxxx County occupancy use tax (10%). Tuition Residential Non-Residential Year One Fall 2017 $ 8,152.00 $ 7,390.00 Winter 2018 $ 8,152.00 $ 7,390.00 Spring 2018 $ 8,152.00 $ 7,390.00 Summer 2018 $ 6,334.00 $ 5,572.00 Year Two Fall 2018 $ 8,152.00 $ 7,390.00 Winter 2019 $ 8,152.00 $ 7,390.00 Spring 2019 $ 8,152.00 $ 7,390.00 Summer 2019 $ 6,334.00 $ 5,572.00 Year Three Fall 2019 $ 8,152.00 $ 7,390.00 Winter 2020 $ 8,152.00 $ 7,390.00 Subtotal $ 77,884.00 $ 70,264.00 STRF (Non-Refundable)* $ 0.00 $ 0.00 Estimated Total Charges $ 77,884.00 $ 70,264.00 PAYMENTS ARE DUE 14 CALENDAR DAYS PRIOR TO THE START OF EACH ACADEMIC QUARTER Tuition and fees will be adjusted on a prorated basis for those students who attend less than full-time status. Non-Residential status is available only to students who have established legal residence within the boundaries of Santa Xxxxxxx or Ventura counties. (A residential waiver form may be submitted to the Guest Services Department for those students with special circumstances.) *Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) assessment is a state-imposed non-refundable charge to relieve or mitigate economic losses suffered by a student in an educational program who suffered in the event of closure of an institution. The STRF is assessed at the beginning of the program for the entire length of the program. The amount of the STRF is a calculation of $.00 for every $1,000 of institutional charges as shown above. See Section N for more information about the STRF. The cost of travel, books, readers, and other course materials are not included in the aforementioned Tuition and Residential or Non-Residential Fees, and must be paid for at the time of purchase. When additional services are requested (i.e., library services, additional lodging charges), these charges will be billed to your Student Account and due when notified by the Student Accounts Office. Please refer to the Student Handbook for a description of the additional Academic and Administrative services available and their currently associated fees (Please see “Tuition and Fees 2017-2018” attached to this Enrollment Agreement). PACIFICA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO INCREASE TUITION AND FEES
Tuition and Fees. The School Corporation shall not charge tuition to any student, other than a non-resident student in accordance with § 38-1802.06(e) of the Act, unless such student would otherwise be liable for tuition costs under the Act. The School Corporation may charge reasonable fees or other payment for after school programs, field trips, or similar student activities.
Tuition and Fees. Contractor shall not charge tuition to pupils enrolled in the Educational Program under this Contract. Contractor may assess pupil activity fees under the same circumstances and under the same regulations that MPS applies to all MPS pupils.
Tuition and Fees. 3.3.1 The Charter Operator shall not charge any student tuition, an attendance fee, or a fine of any kind. Any other fee shall be subject to a waiver process that considers individual family circumstances. The Charter Operator shall not condition the enrollment, registration, earning of credit, or receipt of grades of any student on the payment or nonpayment of fees.
Tuition and Fees. (1) Arlington ISD will be responsible for tuition and fees in accordance with Arlington ISD finance and procurement policies; and
Tuition and Fees. Each exchange student will pay any tuition or other fees at their Home Institution and shall not be assessed additional tuition or fees by the Host Institution.
Tuition and Fees. The Charter School shall not charge tuition to any student, provided that the Charter School may require the payment of fees on the same basis and to the same extent as other public schools.
Tuition and Fees. The Charter School shall not charge tuition to any student, unless such student would otherwise be liable for tuition costs under the School Code. The Charter School may charge reasonable fees, to the extent permitted by law, for textbooks, instructional materials, summer school programs, before and/or after school programs, and student activities.