formal education definition

formal education means education obtained through an approved United States Department of Education Institution;
formal education means education in standardized educational settings with a curriculum.

Examples of formal education in a sentence

  • According to 2nd Revised PC-1 of the Punjab Non Formal Education Project, Page No. 02, the project objectives in relation to sectorial objectives were to Impart (i) primary education to out-of-school children via non-formal approach (alternative learning pathways).

  • Moreover, according to Annex-3 of the Revised PC-I for Punjab Non Formal Education Project, Non-formal Basic Education Schools are non-formal primary schools for out-of-school children and school dropouts and their function was to provide Primary school education, from grade 0- V, in non-formal setting leading to PEC examination.

  • According to 1st Revised PC-I of the Punjab Non Formal Education Project, Page No. 07, Mobility of District based project field staff shall be (a) via vehicles already procured along with payment of petrol charges at rates specified by L&NFBE Department and (b) via a special mobility allowance of Rs. 10,000/- per month to each District based project field staff who has not been provided with vehicle & is required to tour field areas.

  • Integrating African Indigenous Knowledge in Kenya’s Formal Education System: The Potential for Sustainable Development.

  • The six major types of CPD are:A Formal Education and Training Activities B Informal Learning ActivitiesC Conferences and MeetingsD Presentations and Publications of Papers E Service ActivitiesF Industries Involvement (for Academia) If one believes he is undertaking other types of CPD that comply with the general definition in Section 1 above, one should make a submission for this to be recognized.

More Definitions of formal education

formal education means the regular education provided in the system of schools, and other formal educational institutions;
formal education means higher education or qualification recognized by the Council or the Higher Education Commission, as the case may be;
formal education means a package of learning made available by recognised schools and institutions following approved curriclum standards and guidelines;
formal education means education obtained from postsecondary vocational/technical schools and institutions, community or junior colleges, and senior colleges and uni- versities accredited by regional accrediting associations or by other recognized accrediting agencies or programs approved by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology, the Joint Review Committee for Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology or the former American Medical Association Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation.
formal education means the structured education and training system that runs from pre-primary and primary through secondary school and on to university. It takes place, as a rule, at general or vocational educational institutions and leads to certification.
formal education means mainstream education or the normal process and established progression of education from early childhood to tertiary level for the general population of the specified age range;