Schools Sample Clauses

Schools. The Project must apply for concurrency review at Lake County Public Schools. The school district has a specific application process. The Project must be shown to have appropriate school concurrency before building permits are issued.
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Schools. The Applicant, its successors and assigns, will comply with applicable provisions of Section 163.3180(6), Florida Statutes, in providing any required school proportionate share mitigation and will pay any applicable school impact fees for the Development in the timing and manner required by law.
Schools. In line with accounting standards on group accounts and consolidation, all maintained schools in the County are now considered to be entities controlled by the council. Rather than produce group accounts the income, expenditure, assets, liabilities, reserves and cash flows of each school are recognised in the council’s single entity accounts. The council has the following types of maintained schools under its control: • Community • Voluntary Aided • Voluntary Controlled • Foundation/Foundation Trust Schools Non-Current Assets are recognised on the Balance Sheet where the council directly owns the assets, where the council holds the balance of control of the assets or where the school or the school Governing Body own the assets or have had rights to use the assets transferred to them. Community schools are owned by the council and are, therefore, recognised on the Balance Sheet. The council’s Voluntary Aided and Controlled schools are owned by the respective Diocese with no formal rights to use the assets through licence arrangements passed to the School or Governing Bodies and as a result these schools are not recognised on the Balance Sheet. The ownership of the council’s Foundation Schools is with the school or the schools’ Governing Body and as a result the school is recognised on the council’s Balance Sheet.
Schools. 2. Churches and other places of assembly.
Schools. In relation to Schools in this Article, substitute Director for Head. Article 11.00
Schools. This agreement provides for the assignment of auxiliary school personnel assigned to elementary and/or secondary schools, performing assignments as follows:
Schools. Buyer understands that current school placements are not guaranteed and may be changed at any time. Buyer is advised to contact the appropriate board of education. Buyer’s Initials Date/Time_ Seller’s Initials Date/Time Buyer’s Initials Date/Xxxx Xxxxxx’x Initials Date/Time
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Schools. The responsibilities of the Schools will include but are not limited to:
Schools. There is no assurance that the school(s) in proximity to the property is open for enrollment to Buyer’s children, or that the property is served by a particular school or school district. As a result of various factors including, but not limited to, class size reductions and “open enrollment” policies, the school(s) actually serving the property might not be determined until the time of enrollment. Xxxxx is advised to contact the local school district for more information.
Schools recognize the UNION as the exclusive bargaining agent for a unit consisting of the following employee groups: - Custodian – D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4 - Maintenance – Class A - Food Service – Cook I, Cook II, Assistant Supervisor, Food Service Supervisor I, Food Service Supervisor II - Bus Drivers - Bus Monitors - Bus Technicians Level I and II
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