Unpaid Leaves Sample Clauses

Unpaid Leaves. A. Leaves of absence without pay or benefits up to one (1) year in duration are available upon written request from a bargaining unit member for purposes set forth in Section B of this Article. During said leaves, seniority shall continue to accumulate. Written requests for leaves of absence shall include the reason for the leave along with notification of the beginning and ending dates of said leaves. A bargaining unit member returning from a leave of absence shall be reinstated to the same position and classification he/she held when the leave began. At least sixty (60) calendar days (except in the event that circumstances do not permit) prior to the date a leave is scheduled to expire, a bargaining unit member shall notify the Employer in writing of his/her intent to return to work. Failure to provide the written notification shall constitute the employee’s resignation from employment.
Unpaid Leaves. The Board of Trustees may grant an unpaid leave of absence upon petition of a Faculty Member. Such unpaid leave, if granted, shall not be counted toward seniority or salary advancement. Such leave does not guarantee that Faculty Member shall be returned to the same assignment as that which was left. Faculty Member shall be entitled to return to a position in a class of employment within the bargaining unit for which the Faculty Member is credentialed or otherwise qualified. Unpaid leaves shall not exceed a term of one year. The Board of Trustees may extend the leave year-to-year for a total leave of not greater than three (3) years. Faculty Member must notify the District of Faculty Member's intent to return or not to return to regular status no later than three (3) calendar months prior to such return. The Faculty Member on unpaid leave of absence shall have the right to maintain all benefits by paying the full cost of the premium for such benefits. If a change is proposed in the position held by a Faculty Member prior to going on leave, the returning Faculty Member is entitled to the same prior notice and opportunity as would be afforded any other Faculty Member.
Unpaid Leaves. 1. Any employee who has attained permanent status within the District may, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, be granted up to a one (1) year leave of absence without pay. If leave exceeds one month, the District will not pay fringe benefits. Unpaid leave may be used for, but not limited to, the following reasons:
Unpaid Leaves. 21.1 Unless otherwise specifically provided by law, the granting of leave shall be at the discretion of the Board. When it is granted by the Board, it shall be allowed on the basis of policies designed to protect the operation of the schools and worksites against undue interruption because of the absence of personnel.
Unpaid Leaves. 1. Union Business An employee elected to any union office or selected by the union to do work which takes him/her away from employment with the Employer may be granted a leave of absence not to exceed one year with the possibility for renewal for no more than one additional year.