Pregnancy, Adoption and Parental Leave Sample Clauses

Pregnancy, Adoption and Parental Leave. 19.1. Pregnancy, adoption, and parental leave shall be granted to a member of the Kingston Police in accordance with the Employment Standards Act. At least two (2) weeksnotice, in writing and in advance of the commencement of the leave being requested, must be provided to the Chief of Police.
Pregnancy, Adoption and Parental Leave. General The employee will continue to accrue seniority during his/her pregnancy, adoption or parental leave, and the University will continue the employee's benefit coverage during this leave period, unless the plan is contributory and the employee has elected to discontinue contributions. This means that employees who contribute to the Ryerson Retirement Pension Plan may elect to continue their contributions to the plan during their pregnancy, adoption and parental leave. Recognizing that a faculty member may be unable to fulfil teaching commitments due to a pregnancy, adoption or parental leave of absence conflicting with the semester, it may be necessary therefore for the member to be withdrawn from instructional duties during the entire semester of the leave. Notwithstanding this clause, if a faculty member wishes to continue to teach he/she may apply to continue to teach and permission will not be unreasonably denied. If a member is withdrawn from instructional duties other employment within the University will be made available at the member’s regular salary.
Pregnancy, Adoption and Parental Leave. A leave of absence for any employee shall be granted for pregnancy/parental and adoption reasons in accordance with the following conditions: The following conditions are the minimum entitlement as set out in Ontario Employment Standards Act in effect as of November 2001. Should the act be amended in such a way that increases entitlement, that increase will apply to the following.
Pregnancy, Adoption and Parental Leave. 27.06 A Per Course Instructor is entitled to Pregnancy, Parental and, Adoption Leave without pay in accordance with the Labour Standards Act, R.S.N.L. 1990, c L-2, as amended from time to time. Such leaves will be granted without regard to the statutory 20-week service requirement. Per Course Instructors are entitled to a leave until the end of the appointment and shall accrue seniority during any such period of leave.
Pregnancy, Adoption and Parental Leave. Pregnancy/Adoption and Parental Leave entitlements shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Employment Standards Act for the Province of Ontario.
Pregnancy, Adoption and Parental Leave. 23.06 After completion of one (1) year of continuous employment, an employee shall be granted Pregnancy Leave without pay for a period not exceeding thirty-seven (37) weeks. Pregnancy Leave may begin before, on or after the expected date of termination of pregnancy ending no later than thirty-seven (37) weeks after the date of the termination of pregnancy. If the natural mother is also taking Parental Leave without pay, in addition to Pregnancy Leave, the leave must end no later than fifty- two (52) weeks after termination of pregnancy.
Pregnancy, Adoption and Parental Leave. 15.01 Upon written request, employees shall be granted leave of absence without pay and without loss of seniority for pregnancy, adoption or parenting as set out in the Employment Standards Act.
Pregnancy, Adoption and Parental Leave. The following, in part, reflects the provisions of the Employment Standards Act on these matters. In all cases of dispute and where the Act, as amended from time to time, is superior, the provisions of the Act will prevail.