Research Sample Clauses

Research. Primary Investigator as part of a multi-site study (25 points) • Co-Investigator as part of a multi-site study (20 points) • Primary Investigator of a facility/unit based research study (15 points) • Co-Investigator of a facility/unit based research study (10 points) • Develops a unit specific research proposal (5 points) • Conducts a literature review as part of a research study (5 points)
Research. Support opioid abatement research that may include, but is not limited to, the following:
Research. Investigate and conduct research into problems relating to production, utilization, testing, manufacture, transmission, storage and distribution of energy. Keep abreast of and evaluate for Dominion Companies all research developments and programs of significance affecting Dominion Companies and the energy industry, conduct research and development in promising areas and advise and assist in the solution of technical problems arising out of Dominion Companies’ operations.
Research. To the extent allowable by law, the parties may engage in joint research, conference participation, publication of research results and other research-related activity. The parties understand and agree that certain research sponsors may limit participation on specific research projects in the host country. The parties further understand and agree to secure all Institutional and other required approvals prior to conducting research activities and to abide by all policies and procedures governing such activities. If exchange students participate in research funded by a third-party sponsor, the parties agree that such research activities will abide by the terms of the sponsorship agreement. If exchange students receive third-party confidential information for research purposes that was provided under a written nondisclosure or confidential disclosure agreement, the parties agree that the exchange students will be bound by the confidentiality and nondisclosure terms of such agreement. Students pledge to disclose any intellectual property developed as a result of joint research to both the Host and Home Institutions unless such disclosure is unlawful under the law of the Host Institution’s country. If valuable intellectual property is created as a result of joint research, ownership of such intellectual property shall be determined in accordance with the law of inventorship or authorship of the country in which the research occurred and the Host Institution’s policies. The parties agree that the Host Institution will evaluate the intellectual property, in consultation with the other party, to determine whether formal patent, copyright, or other protection is desirable.
Research. Neither the Investor nor any Affiliate of the Investor shall have, in the prior thirty (30) days, published or distributed any research report (as such term is defined in Rule 500 of Regulation AC) concerning the Company.
Research. Contractor shall not engage in research utilizing the information obtained through the performance of this Contract without the express written consent of DHHS. The term "research" shall mean the investigation, analysis, or review of information, other than aggregate statistical information, which is used for purposes unconnected with this Contract.
Research. Atomwise and Institution agree to participate in the research project set forth in Exhibits A and B (collectively "Project"). The Project is to be conducted under the direction of the Institution Investigator and Atomwise. The Project shall not be performed on human subjects, in clinical trials, or for diagnostic purposes involving human subjects. Each Party will fund its own participation in the Project, and there will be no exchange of funds. Neither Party will be responsible for any fees, taxes, or costs incurred by the other Party. Each Party will conduct all activities in connection with this Agreement in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
Research. Using the Data (see Section 2, Data) provided by Yale, Data User will conduct the analyses described in the attached Exhibit A, Research Proposal (the “Research”). Data User acknowledges and agrees that such Research Proposal and all application materials will be made publicly available by Yale.
Research all professional activities leading to publication, performance or formal presentation in the UNAC member's field, or leading to external funding recognizing the UNAC member's current or potential contribution to that field. Such activities include: manuscript submission; grant/contract proposal submission; supervision of funded research projects; development and commercialization of intellectual property; additions to a portfolio; and other original contributions appropriate to the UNAC member's field.
Research. Expenses related to third-party research and ongoing due diligence of pooled investment vehicles in which the Fund invests, and the managers of such pooled investment vehicles;