Video conference definition

Video conference means a method of communication which enables persons in different locations to participate in a meeting and to see, hear, and otherwise communicate with each other.
Video conference means a method of communication which
Video conference means a live, visual connection between two or more people residing in separate locations for the purpose of communication.

Examples of Video conference in a sentence

  • Video conference proceedings via Microsoft Teams are set up using the parties or, if represented, their Attorneys or Authorized Representative’s email addresses.A link to the MOAHR MTT Guide for Participants for the Conducting of Entire Tribunal Hearings as Video Conference Proceedings is provided above.

  • Video conference facilities must provide for confidential communications between attorney and client and security sufficient to protect the safety of all participants and observers.

  • Members can attend the meeting through log in credentials provided to them to connect to Video conference.

  • Video conference: The Judicial Emergency recognized by this Administrative Order constitutes good cause pursuant to Rule 43.1(c)(5) to waive time requirements of paragraphs 43.1(c)(1)-(4).

  • Video conference proceedings via Microsoft Teams are set up using the parties or, if represented, their Attorneys or Authorized Representative’s email addresses.

More Definitions of Video conference

Video conference or “video conferencing” is a means by which the City Council, or any other public governmental body of the city, may hold a public meeting by using computers at different sites to transmit by computer network audio and video data, provided that all participating members are able to see, hear, and communicate with each other through real time video and audio streaming. A meeting held by video conference may include any number of members of the governmental body. Video-conferenced meetings shall be accessible to the public, subject to closure as allowed by law, but such meetings may restrict oral comments by the public if such commentary is not technologically feasible or practicable.
Video conference. ROOMS shall mean any room set up for and used regularly for Video Conference sessions even if the room may be used for other purposes when not in use for Video Conferences.
Video conference means the method by which people at different locations can attend and participate in meetings either by use of internet or through electronic media or television or satellite or any other means facilitating audio-visual communications;
Video conference. Room” shall be a Resource Unit. One Resource Unit shall equal one (1) Video Conference Room. A “Video Conference Room” shall mean a conference room with video conferencing capabilities that is supported by Supplier on the date of Resource Unit measurement. Services include installation support for equipment and Network connections, end user assistance and training as defined in Exhibit 2, address book maintenance, and other Services as indicated in the Statement of Work. This Resource Unit does not include Transport related costs.
Video conference means a meeting at which all or some attendees participate through a program, application, or other means of electronic communication that provides the ability to project visual images of the participants or the meeting room.
Video conference means participation or testimony by the use of an interactive technology that sends and receives video, voice/audio, and data signals so that two or more individuals or groups can communicate with each other contemporaneously using cameras, audio microphones, audio speakers, and computer monitors, and similar technology that meets the technical requirements established pursuant to subdivision (e).
Video conference means a system of interactive telecommunication technologies, which permits two (2) or more sites / locations, to interact via video & audio transmission, simultaneously.