Good Faith Sample Clauses

Good Faith. The Parties shall in good faith undertake to perform their obligations under this Agreement and will use good faith efforts to cooperate with each other in all matters related to this Agreement.
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Good Faith. 29.1 The Parties agree to act in the utmost good faith in respect of your obligations towards each other in terms of the Agreement.
Good Faith. The parties to this contract shall, in exercising their respective rights and complying with their respective obligations under this contract (including when conducting any discussions or negotiations arising out of the application of any provisions of this contract or exercising any discretion under them), at all times act in good faith.
Good Faith. The Indenture Trustee will not be liable for any action taken or not taken in good faith which it believes to be authorized or within its rights or powers under this Indenture so long as the action taken or not taken does not amount to negligence.
Good Faith. The Parties undertake to act in good faith with respect to each other’s rights under this Contract and to adopt all reasonable measures to ensure the realization of the objectives of this Contract.
Good Faith. Each of the Parties hereto undertakes with the others to do all things reasonably within its power that are necessary or desirable to give effect to the spirit and intent of this Agreement.
Good Faith. Buyer and Seller acknowledge that each party has an obligation to act in good faith including, but not limited 770 to, exercising the rights and obligations set forth in the provisions of Financing Conditions and Obligations; Title Insurance, 771 Record Title and Off-Record Title; New ILC, New Survey; and Property Disclosure, Inspection, Indemnity, Insurability, Due 772 Diligence, and Source of Water. ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS AND ATTACHMENTS 773
Good Faith. The rights granted to Tenant by this Article are granted in consideration of Tenant's express covenant that all pertinent allocations which are made by Tenant between the rental value of the Leased Premises and the value of any of Tenant's personal property which may be conveyed or leased generally concurrently with and which may reasonably be considered a part of the same transaction as the permitted assignment or subletting shall be made fairly, honestly and in good faith. If Tenant shall breach this covenant, Landlord may immediately declare Tenant to be in default under the terms of this Lease and terminate this Lease and/or exercise any other rights and remedies Landlord would have under the terms of this Lease in the case of a material default by Tenant under this Lease.
Good Faith. Each of the parties hereto agrees that he or it shall act in good faith in all actions taken under this Agreement.