Research Plan Sample Clauses

Research Plan. The Parties recognize that the Research Plan describes the collaborative research and development activities they will undertake and that interim research goals set forth in the Research Plan are good faith guidelines. Should events occur that require modification of these goals, then by mutual agreement the Parties can modify them through an amendment, according to Paragraph 13.6.
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Research Plan. The initial Annual Research Plan and budget, which describes the research activities to be carried out by each Party during the first Contract Year of the Research Program Term, shall be prepared by the JPT and submitted to, and approved by, the JSC within [***] days of the Effective Date. For each Contract Year during the Research Program Term commencing with the second Contract Year, an Annual Research Plan and budget shall be prepared by or at the direction of the JPT and submitted to the JSC for its approval. The JPT shall manage the preparation of each Annual Research Plan in a manner designed to obtain JSC approval no later than [***] days prior to the end of the then-current Contract Year. Each Annual Research Plan shall: (a) set forth (i) the research objectives and activities to be performed for the Contract Year covered by the Annual Research Plan with reasonable specificity, (ii) the research plans and protocols to be employed to complete each stage of the Research Program, (iii) changes to the OLSC and any other criteria that the JPT will utilize to evaluate the results of the Research Program to nominate Optimized Lead Compounds, (iv) the Party that shall be responsible for performing such activities, (v) a timeline and budget for such activities (including Third Party expenses to be incurred for outsourced studies managed by ARCHEMIX), and (vi) with respect to ARCHEMIX Research Activities, the number of FTEs estimated to be required to perform such activities; and (b) shall be consistent with the other terms of this Agreement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the objectives of each Annual Research Plan shall include, as appropriate from time to time during the Research Program Term, conducting the necessary research activities to identify Lead Compounds or to determine whether Lead Compounds should be nominated to the JSC as Optimized Lead Compounds. Any Annual Research Plan may be amended from time to time by the JPT pursuant to Section 2.2.4 or by the JSC pursuant to 2.1.4. Each amendment, modification and update to the Annual Research Plan shall include the resulting changes to the budget, including the number of FTEs to be utilized by ARCHEMIX, shall be set forth in a written document prepared by, or at the direction of, the JPT and approved by the JSC, shall specifically state that it is an amendment, modification or update to the Annual Research Plan and shall be attached to the minutes of the meeting of the JSC at whic...
Research Plan. The initial Research Plan is described in the attached Exhibit A. As the Research Plan is modified by mutual agreement of the parties, the modified version shall be appended to Exhibit A and made part of this Agreement.
Research Plan. Within sixty (60) days following its formation, the JSC will develop and approve a written research plan setting forth the research obligations of each of the Parties under the Collaboration until the filing of the first IND for a Lead Product utilizing Systemic Delivery in a Major Market or the earlier termination of this Agreement in accordance with Article 13 hereof (the “Research Plan”), which will be deemed a part of, and is hereby incorporated by reference in, this Agreement. The Parties anticipate that the Research Plan will include the research responsibilities of Curis set forth in the research program outline agreed upon by the Parties as of the Effective Date. The Research Plan will also include a detailed list of the materials to be provided by Curis to Genentech (the “Materials”), which may include, without limitation, Compound samples, assays, reagents, cell lines and relevant animal models. Curis and Genentech will each conduct research in accordance with the Research Plan, as it may be amended from time to time upon unanimous approval of the JSC, or as reasonably directed by the JSC, subject to the provisions of Section 2.2. Curis shall use commercially reasonable and diligent efforts to advance and complete the foregoing research in a timely manner. In furtherance of that obligation, Curis will assign no fewer than 8 FTE’s approved by the JSC (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed) for a period of no less than 2 years following the Effective Date (unless this Agreement is earlier terminated) to complete the tasks described above. The Parties agree that up to 4 of such FTE’s assigned to the research may be Evotec OAI employees. If and to the extent that Genentech wishes to have more than 4 of such FTE’s be Evotec OAI employees, Genentech shall be responsible for the FTE costs charged by Evotec OAI with respect to the number of Evotec OAI FTE’s that is in excess of 4. Curis shall cause the Evotec Agreement to be renewed until at least April 30, 2005 and during such time shall not, without the prior written consent of Genentech, amend the Evotec Agreement in a manner that would diminish the rights granted to Genentech hereunder or otherwise be detrimental to Genentech.
Research Plan. No later than [**] but after the Parties’ selection of the Collaboration Antigen for the CUE-103 Program and each Party’s selection of its Initial Collaboration Alleles for the CUE-103 Program, the Parties, through the JRC, shall jointly draft, review, discuss and send to the JSC for approval (with neither Party unreasonably withholding its approval) the initial Research Plan (including an initial Research Budget) for the Initial Collaboration Alleles in the CUE-103 Program (such Research Plan (including the Research Budget), a “CUE-103 Initial Research Plan”). The CUE-103 Initial Research Plan shall, at a minimum, unless the Parties agree otherwise, be reasonably designed to include Research activities for CUE-103 Compounds containing the Initial Collaboration Allele(s) reasonably required to accomplish the filing of an IND [**] and shall be consistent with the Template Initial Research Plan. The CUE-103 Initial Research Plan shall be updated and amended by the JRC as it deems appropriate, and in any event promptly after any LGC Additional Allele, Cue Additional Allele [**] is added to the CUE-103 Program in accordance with the terms of Section 4.3(e).
Research Plan. Annually, the Steering Committee will prepare and agree upon a written plan (the "Research Plan") that will (i) include a general overview and timetable for each party's research activities and appropriate resources and budgets for such research during the next year, and (ii) set specific objectives for each year, which objectives will be updated or amended, as appropriate, by the Steering Committee as research progresses. The initial Research Plan shall be agreed in writing by the parties within * days of the Effective Date. The Steering Committee shall review the Research Plan on an ongoing basis and may make changes to the Research Plan then in effect.
Research Plan. The RESEARCH PROGRAM shall be conducted in accordance with the overall RESEARCH PLAN attached hereto as Exhibit A, as may be amended from time to time with the agreement of the parties.
Research Plan. The Parties will use Diligent Efforts to conduct the Research Collaboration in accordance with a Research Plan. The Research Plan will set forth (i) the scope of the Research Collaboration and the resources that will be dedicated to the activities contemplated within the scope of the Research Collaboration, (ii) specific objectives for the term of the Research Plan which objectives will be updated or amended, as appropriate, by the JRC and reviewed and approved by the Joint Steering Committee and (iii) cost plan for such activities. The Parties have agreed upon the initial Research Plan, which is attached as Exhibit 2 to this Agreement.