Development Area definition

Development Area means that area to which a development plan is applicable.
Development Area means that area described in section 5 to which a development plan is applicable.
Development Area means part of the Contract Area which encompasses one or more Commercial Discovery(ies) and any additional area that may be required for proper development of such Commercial Discovery(ies) and established as such in accordance with the provisions of the Contract.

Examples of Development Area in a sentence

  • Complete Attachment B – Local Workforce Development Area Contacts.

  • Basis Boost QualificationsWith regard to Housing Credits, HUD provides regulatory guidance on the effective date of Difficult Development Area (DDA) and Qualified Census Tract (QCT) lists for the purpose of determining whether a Development qualifies for an increase in eligible basis in accordance with Section 42(d)(5)(B) of the IRC.

  • Any surveys of land and bathymetric surveys required for the purposes of this Agreement within the Development Area shall be carried out at the expense of the Company.

  • Within 2 months following the ratifying Act commencing to operate as an Act the State acting through the Department of Land Administration and pursuant to the provisions of the Land Act shall commence the procedures to procure the removal of structures that are on the Development Area without lawful authority, and shall thereafter diligently proceed to have those structures removed.

  • The Company shall procure the scanning of each part of the land in the Development Area which is to be excavated for services, roads, or footpaths, or which will be the site of earthworks, or which will become playing fields or recreation areas as part of the Project, for any unexploded ordnance, (such scanning to be carried out to the satisfaction of the Western Australian State Emergency Service, Warnbro UXO project) prior to carrying out any other work on that part of the land.

More Definitions of Development Area

Development Area means the area bordered in purple and shown as “stage 1” on Department of Land Administration 4 Miscellaneous Plan No. 1743;
Development Area means that part of the land within the stippled border on the Plan being —
Development Area means any area specified as such by an order made, or having effect as if made, under section 1 of the Industrial Development Act 1982.”]
Development Area means the area delimited in a Development Plan adopted under Clause 20 hereof;
Development Area means an area established under KRS 65.7049, 65.7051, and 65.7053;
Development Area means, with regard to any Commercial Discovery, the area within the Contract Area covering the whole extension of the underlying structures or stratigraphic closures defining the reservoir or intervals of interest of the Field where the Discovery has been made.
Development Area means the area bordered in purple and shown as “stage 1” on Department of Land Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0 Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xx. 0000;