Each Party will Sample Clauses

Each Party will. (a) Make its botanical collection information available to the NZVH through an agreed mechanism so that NZVH may make it publicly available through a common portal
Each Party will. 34.1.1 execute any document and do anything; and
Each Party will. (i) comply with Privacy Laws in connection with the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information and will perform its obligations so as to enable the other party to comply with Applicable Law;
Each Party will. (a) comply with, give all notices under, and pay all fees required by, any Law; and
Each Party will. (i) conduct business in a manner that reflects favorably at all times on the good name, goodwill and reputation of the other Party;

Related to Each Party will

  • Each Party 16.1.1 shall treat all Confidential Information belonging to the other Party as confidential and safeguard it accordingly; and

  • Cooperation; Further Acts The Parties shall fully cooperate with one another, and shall take any additional acts or sign any additional documents as may be necessary, appropriate or convenient to attain the purposes of this Agreement.