Section 6.5 Sample Clauses

Section 6.5. 23 Employees required to work through their regular lunch period will be provided a time for lunch. In 24 the event the District requires an employee to forego the lunch period and the employee works the 25 entire shift, including the lunch period, the employee shall be compensated for the foregone lunch 26 period at the employee's regular rate, subject to the overtime provisions of Section 6.8, if the workday 27 exceeds eight (8) hours.
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Section 6.5. 16 Each employee shall be assigned to a definite work day and work week, which shall not be changed 17 without prior notice to the employee of three (3) calendar weeks; provided, however that this notice 18 may be waived by the employee.
Section 6.5. 12 Employees required to work through his/her regular lunch period will be given time to eat at a time 13 agreed upon by the employee and supervisor. In the event the District requires an employee to forego
Section 6.5. 43 Association representatives, when leaving their work, shall first obtain permission from their 44 immediate supervisor. The supervisor's permission in these instances will normally be granted. The 45 employees will report their return to work to their supervisors.
Section 6.5. 47 Visitation rights shall be granted to the designated representative of the Public School Employees of 48 Washington to visit with employees in the appropriate bargaining units for purposes of grievance 1 procedures and/or general information data. The visiting delegate shall notify the School District of 2 his/her arrival.
Section 6.5. 7 For all employees, in the event of unusual school closure due to inclement weather, plant inoperation or 8 the like, the District will notify employees by notification (and/or website message and/or text messaging
Section 6.5. The Grievance Chairman shall be released from his normal duties, upon approval of 36 his supervisor, to participate in his grievance-related duties without loss of pay or benefits. Such 37 approval will not be unreasonably withheld, and the withholding of such approval shall result in 38 an automatic, equivalent extension of time limits within which a grievant must appeal his 39 grievance or have it heard. The Grievance Chairman shall notify his supervisor in advance of 40 such duties. 41
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Section 6.5. Section 6.5 of the Partnership Agreement is hereby amended and restated to read as follows:
Section 6.5. 2 Employees requested to work by a District administrator to work a work schedule regularly filled by a 3 higher classification employee shall receive compensation equal to that normally received by the 4 employee in the higher classification.
Section 6.5. 32 Association representatives, when leaving their work, shall first obtain permission from their immediate
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