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Continuation of. BENEFIT COVERAGE Effective May 14, 1992 the Contractor will contribute $.03 per hour earned to the Local Union employee benefits plans of this collective agreement to assure continuation of benefit coverage as provided for in the Workers Compensation Act.
Continuation of. The provisions of this agreement shall remain in force and effect during the period of negotiation for a renewed or amended agreement.
Continuation of. SERVICE". It is expressly understood and agreed that any and all periods through the earlier of the date the Employee's employment is terminated with Cause, the date the Employee's employment is terminated by death, or the Termination Date will be "Service" for all purposes under any and all retirement plans sponsored by GMI, the Company, or any other Subsidiary or GMI Affiliate in which the Employee participates.
Continuation of. For employees who have had (15) or more years of continuous service with the Employer, or with the Employer and any other Municipality,or a Local Board as defined in the Municipal Act. the Employer to One Hundred Percent (100%)of the premium cost for the following plans such employees attain
Continuation of. Where, due to a layoff, a full-time employee has had their hours of work reduced and their employment status changed, the employee shall continue to contribute to the Municipal Superannuation Plan. Contributions made by the City and the em- ployee shall be made on the basis of the new hours worked and are subject to the requirements of the Pension (Municipal) Act. Pension "Buy-Back" Provision Subject to the qualifying provision contained in Section of the Pension (Mu- nicipal) Act, the City agrees to participate in such contributions as are necessary to extend pensionable sewice of an employee covered by this Agreement up to a of six (6) months. The said extension to represent that time served by the employee in a probationary capacity with the City which has not heretofore been considered as pensionable service. Such benefit to be subject to the follow- ing:
Continuation of 

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  • Continuation of Coverage If your coverage is terminated, you may be eligible to continue your coverage in accordance with state or federal law. Continuation of Coverage According to State Law In accordance with R.I. General Laws §. 27-19.1, if your employment is terminated due to one of the following reason, your healthcare coverage may be continued, provided that you continue to pay the applicable premiums. • Involuntary layoff or death; • The workplace ceasing to exist; or • Permanent reduction in size of the workforce. The period of this continuation will be for up to eighteen (18) months from your termination date, but not to exceed the period of continuous employment preceding termination with your employer. The continuation period will end for any person covered under your policy on the date the person becomes employed by another group and is eligible for benefits under that group’s plan.

  • Continuation So long as no Default or Event of Default exists, the Borrower may on any Business Day, with respect to any LIBOR Loan, elect to maintain such LIBOR Loan or any portion thereof as a LIBOR Loan by selecting a new Interest Period for such LIBOR Loan. Each Continuation of a LIBOR Loan shall be in an aggregate minimum amount of $1,000,000 and integral multiples of $1,000,000 in excess of that amount, and each new Interest Period selected under this Section shall commence on the last day of the immediately preceding Interest Period. Each selection of a new Interest Period shall be made by the Borrower giving to the Administrative Agent a Notice of Continuation not later than 10:00 a.m. Eastern time on the third Business Day prior to the date of any such Continuation. Such notice by the Borrower of a Continuation shall be by telecopy, electronic mail or other similar form of communication in the form of a Notice of Continuation, specifying (a) the proposed date of such Continuation, (b) the LIBOR Loans and portions thereof subject to such Continuation and (c) the duration of the selected Interest Period, all of which shall be specified in such manner as is necessary to comply with all limitations on Loans outstanding hereunder. Each Notice of Continuation shall be irrevocable by and binding on the Borrower once given. Promptly after receipt of a Notice of Continuation, the Administrative Agent shall notify each Lender of the proposed Continuation. If the Borrower shall fail to select in a timely manner a new Interest Period for any LIBOR Loan in accordance with this Section, such Loan will automatically, on the last day of the current Interest Period therefor, continue as a LIBOR Loan with an Interest Period of one month; provided, however that if a Default or Event of Default exists, such Loan will automatically, on the last day of the current Interest Period therefor, Convert into a Base Rate Loan notwithstanding the first sentence of Section 2.9. or the Borrower’s failure to comply with any of the terms of such Section.