Compressed Air Sample Clauses

Compressed Air. 4.1. The compressed air supply to the nozzle or nozzles for atomizing the salt solution shall be free of oil and dirt, and maintained at a pressure between 70 kN/m2 and 170 kN/m2.
Compressed Air. The Contractor provides at his own cost, all connection fittings and pipe-work necessary to lead the compressed air from the point of supply to the various points where it is required, maintain same and remove on completion. Such fittings must be compatible with the Employer’s fittings so that galvanic corrosion of pipe-work is prevented. • Compressed air wastage due to un-maintained pipe work or fittings provided by the Contractor will be calculated and will be for the cost of the Contractor.
Compressed Air. 7.05 All employees working in compressed air shall be paid at the following rates:
Compressed Air. Where employees are required to have their lunch break underground in compressed air, the Employers agree that a proper sanitary lunchroom facility shall be provided, heated when necessary and separate from the work area. Potable water shall be provided at all times. Sanitary toilets shall be provided and shall not be located in or near the lunchroom area.
Compressed Air. The variable component is based on actual yields and prices of electricity, steam and other utilities (see Appendix 3), • The Fixed Component • The User Charge
Compressed Air. Landlord shall provide compressed air used by Tenant in the conduct of its manufacturing operations in the Premises.
Compressed Air. (a) The Mill Owner shall supply all of Ingevity’s requirements of compressed air for the Carbon Plant in accordance with the Services Specifications, as available from the Mill and consistent with the practice prior to the Effective Date.
Compressed Air. Landlord agrees to provide compressed air at the Premises for use by Tenant in the operation of Tenant’s business.
Compressed Air. The Employer will attempt to make available compressed air (oil free & dry) to a pressure reaching lows of 620 kPa and highs of 660 kPa. No guarantees of air supply quality are given and air supply breaks of some duration may occur without warning.
Compressed Air. The compressed air system is integrated throughout the Leased Premises and Landlord’s Smelter operations. Tenant will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of all lines, infrastructure, and equipment internal to the Leased Premises, including but not limited to the northern centrifugal compressor system in building 816U, in accordance with historical and prudent industry practice. The Provider will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of all lines, infrastructure, and equipment external to the Leased Premises, including but not limited to the southern compressor system in building 311, in accordance with historical and prudent industry practice. Due to the integrated nature of the compressor system, Tenant shall have one joy compressor operating and another joy compressor online and available to begin supplying the compressed air system if needed, at all times. Should either Party become aware of abnormally high consumption of compressed air, the Parties shall cooperate in good faith to identify and address any leaks in the compressed air system. If either Party plans maintenance that will impact the number of compressors available for the supply of the system, the Parties will cooperate in good faith as rental compressor units must be brought onsite and preparations made to connect them to the compressed air system before the planned maintenance work can begin. Any preventative maintenance that will interrupt or alter the operation of the compressed air system must be communicated by the Party performing such maintenance at least 4 weeks in advance of the planned work. The actual date and time of the work shall be agreed to by both Parties so that additional monitoring and needed coordination can be completed prior to and during the interruption. The Parties will cooperate in good faith to monitor and operate the system in accordance with historical practices.