THE PARTIES AGREE. A. The laws of the State of Delaware shall apply to the construction and operation of this Contract.
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THE PARTIES AGREE. A The [Insert name of Church entity] is the owner of the property at [Insert property address], including the agreed area described as [Describe agreed area e.g. hall, meeting area, carpark, sports oval].
THE PARTIES AGREE. 2.1. The Parties agree that all Confidential Information received from the Disclosing Party remains the property of the Disclosing Party and its licensors and the Recipient undertakes, subject to the exceptions in Article 3 of this Schedule:
THE PARTIES AGREE. The principles stated above form part of this Agreement.
THE PARTIES AGREE. (a) Subject to paragraph (c) below, Customer is the Controller and Orange is the Processor in respect of the Personal Data which is made available to, collected, or generated by Orange to provide the Products and Services (“Customer Personal Data”).
THE PARTIES AGREE. (a.) In the event a dispute cannot be resolved or default cannot be cured, or such resolution/cure is not substantially in progress, within fifteen (15) days of written notice of such dispute by one party to the other, then such dispute shall be settled exclusively by binding arbitration to be conducted in Dorchester County, Maryland, in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”).
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THE PARTIES AGREE a. The cost to County under this Agreement is not to exceed $341,000 (Three Hundred Forty One Thousand dollars).
THE PARTIES AGREE. 18.1. If at any time the whole or any part of the Rent shall be unpaid for 14 days after it becomes due (whether legally demanded or not) or if there is any reach of the Tenancy the Landlord shall be entitled in addition to any other right to repossess the whole or any part of the Property and this Tenancy shall immediately then terminate but without affecting the Landlord’s right to sue the Tenant for any breach of covenant. If at any time during the Term any of Grounds 2 8 10 to 15 inclusive or 17 set out in Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988 apply the Landlord may thereupon bring the Terms to an end and seek an order for possession may also be sought under the terms of Grounds 1 and 2 Schedule 2 Housing Act 1988.
THE PARTIES AGREE. 8. The parties will continue to negotiate to achieve a settlement of all historical claims of Ngati Awa for a further period, ending on 31 January 2000.
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