Compressed Work Week Sample Clauses

Compressed Work Week. Notwithstanding the provisions of this Article, upon request of an employee and the concurrence of the Employer, an employee may complete their weekly hours of employment in a period of other than five (5) full days provided that over a period of twenty-eight (28) calendar days the employee works an average of thirty-seven decimal five (37.5) hours per week. As part of the provisions of this clause, attendance reporting shall be mutually agreed between the employee and the Employer. In every twenty-eight (28) day period such an employee shall be granted days of rest on such days as are not scheduled as a normal work day for such employee. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, the implementation of any variation in hours shall not result in any additional overtime work or additional payment by reason only of such variation, nor shall it be deemed to prohibit the right of the Employer to schedule any hours of work permitted by the terms of this Agreement.
Compressed Work Week. The Company and Union recognize the concept of the compressed work week. It is further understood that the compressed work week conditions will apply only to those departments that are on the compressed work week.
Compressed Work Week a) The work days may be altered (between Monday to Friday inclusive) on any project by mutual agreement in writing between the Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer and the Employer.
Compressed Work Week. (a) The Council and the Institute hereby agree that employees may work on a compressed work week schedule subject to the provisions of this clause.
Compressed Work Week. With respect to the Union's proposal for a Compressed Work Week based on present hours, it is agreed that decisions regarding whether or not, and if so, to what extent compressed work weeks should be introduced into the operation of any of the Employers, should be made in local discussions between individual Employers and their respective Local Unions. It is agreed, however, that arrangements for the conversion of fringe benefits from a 5-day week basis to a 4-day week basis or to a 9-day fortnight basis shall be made in accordance with one or other of the standard formulas the details of which are set forth in Appendix "A" which is attached to this Schedule "D". It is expressly agreed that the various formulas which are to be included within all new Agreements, are to be based upon the principle that any adjustment from a 5-day week is to be accomplished with neither any additional salary or benefit cost to the Employers nor any reduction in the salaries or benefits received by their employees.
Compressed Work Week. At the request of an employee, the Employer may agree to allow the employee to work hours from Monday to Friday inclusive which may vary from the standard daily 7.5 or 8 or weekly 37.5 or 40 hours as follows:
Compressed Work Week. 28.1 All members assigned to work a compressed work week schedule shall work in accordance with and receive the benefits as outlined in Schedule "D" affixed to this Agreement.
Compressed Work Week. The regular hours of work may be worked, as an option, on the basis of four (4) days times ten (10) hours per day Monday through Thursday, provided always that once this option is applied, the contractor shall complete at least a full weeks work on this shift. This Monday to Thursday schedule may be varied by mutual consent between the Employer and the Union and such consent will not be unreasonably withheld. The above schedule is intended to represent a normal work day or work week and is not to be construed as a guarantee of hours of work per day or per week or with respect to days in a week. The Employer may vary the start/quit times by up to thirty (30) minutes at his option. Variances of greater than thirty (30) minutes shall be mutually agreed between the Employer and the Union.
Compressed Work Week. (93) Notwithstanding the provisions of this Article, where Mutually Agreed in writing, a compressed work week may be implemented, subject to the ratification of a two thirds (2/3) majority of the employees directly affected and present at the meeting, in a secret ballot vote. The Local Chairperson shall be advised of the date for the ratification vote and shall be present. After a two (2) calendar month period, a vote will be held to confirm the continuation of a compressed work week, failing which, all employees will within thirty (30) days, be returned to a regular schedule in accordance with the Collective Agreement. A compressed work week will not cause or result in a reduction of hours to other employees.
Compressed Work Week. When mutually agreed to between the Employer and the Employee, and when sanctioned by the Union, a compressed work week consisting of four (4), ten (10) hour days may be worked at straight time.