Gas Sample Clauses

Gas. The amount of the individual payment for this utility is determined by dividing the total monthly xxxx for the apartment complex by the number of students who hold current contracts in the complex. These utilities will be due and payable on the 1st day of each month and will be considered late after the 5th day of the month. In most situations, the Student’s last month’s utilities will be deducted from the Student’s Security Deposit.
Gas. Landlord shall make available to Tenant a portion of the pipe gallery shaft designated by Landlord for Tenant to install the meter furnished by the utility supplying gas to the Ancillary Space. Tenant shall be directly metered for all gas required by the 1270 Space and the 50 Rock Space and Tenant shall pay for all maintenance, repairs and replacements of such meters. Tenant shall also pay any rent, tax and/or charge now or hereafter assessed or imposed upon Landlord or Tenant with respect to such gas usage.
Gas. Tenant shall make all the necessary arrangements through Landlord with the appropriate public utility for the supplying of gas to the Premises and the cost of such gas used in connection with Tenant's operations on the Premises shall be included in Landlord's Operating Expenses. Landlord shall have the right to have the gas to the Premises measured by separate meters, or submeters, installed by Landlord or by any other means as directed by the utility company, at Tenant's expense, and to charge Tenant for the cost of such gas based on Tenant's usage determined from such meters or submeters. Tenant shall not make any alterations or additions to the equipment, appliances or installations carrying gas to the Premises without the prior written consent of Landlord in each instance, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
Gas. Any mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons or of hydrocarbons and other gasses, in a gaseous state, consisting primarily of methane
Gas. If you smell gas in any building, never turn on any electrical appliances or lights. Report the incident immediately to your hall office, the Security Officer or the Campus Support Officer on duty. Keys and cards Keep keys and entry fobs/cards safe at all times. Losses must be reported immediately to Xxxxxx Management Centre. If you have misplaced your key/card and would like access to your room the team will be able to do this for you once, following this you will be required to purchase a replacement key fob/card. If the loss occurs out of office hours, please contact the Campus Support Officers based in Xxxxxx Management Centre or a Security Officer for access to your room. At the end of the period of residence, keys and fobs/cards must be returned by the Student. Students who fail to comply will be treated as still in residence and charged accordingly. For Students at Xxxxxx Xxxx, any ID Card loss will be chargeable as per the university’s ID Card loss system and relevant charges will be applied to your student account. Accommodation Agreement 2022-23 Student Resident Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Key Refund Policy We understand that sometimes you may leave your key or fob at your permanent home address and arrive at halls without it. Having confirmed your personal details during administration hours (9am–5pm Monday to Friday), where available, we are able to issue a temporary replacement key at a cost of £20 for a key and £10 for an entry card. If you then return the temporary key/entry card to Xxxxxx Management Centre within seven (7) days of issue, we will credit your rental account for these costs. For security reasons, this does not apply for ID Card losses at Xxxxxx Xxxx, which need to be obtained via Campus Security. In the event that a replacement card or key is temporarily not available, we will arrange for staff to escort you to your room as soon as a member of staff is available to do so. If your key has been lost or stolen, we will need to arrange a lock change.
Gas. Landlord shall cause gas to be supplied to the Project. The portion of the gas used in connection with the Retail Space shall be separately submetered and paid for directly by such retail tenants. The cost of all other gas supplied to the Project shall be included in Operating Expenses; provided, however, if Tenant elects to install the Commercial Kitchen (or other equipment using gas), which would require the use of gas within the Premises, then Tenant shall, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, be responsible for installing a submeter to separately monitor such gas usage. Thereafter, Tenant shall pay for the costs of such direct gas use, within thirty (30) days after demand and as Additional Rent under this Lease (and not as part of the Operating Expenses).
Gas. The Parties acknowledge that the Parties have no rights against each other or obligations to each other under this Agreement with respect to any relationship between the Parties in which PG&E is acting in its capacity as an owner or provider as a Gas LDC or in-state pipeline. Thus, whether or not the Units are interconnected to a Gas transportation system that is owned or operated by PG&E, Seller’s arrangements for Gas interconnection and transportation must be made separately with Seller’s LDC or in-state pipeline (which may be PG&E in its capacity as an LDC or in-state pipeline).
Gas. All hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon substances in a gaseous state. INCIDENTAL LOSSES OR GAINS. The incidental losses of Raw Make and/or Plant Products incurred in MEA's facilities, or the losses or gains of Raw Make and/or Plant Products incurred due to variations in measurement equipment. INDEMNIFYING PARTY and INDEMNIFIED PARTY. As defined in Article 8, below. LOSSES. Any actual loss, cost, expense, liability, damage, demand, suit, sanction, claim, judgment, lien, fine or penalty which are incurred by the applicable Indemnified Party on account of injuries (including death) to any person or damage to or destruction of any property, sustained or alleged to have been sustained in connection with or arising out of the matters for which the Indemnifying Party has indemnified the applicable Indemnified Party. MEA PLANTS. Gas processing and extraction plants, owned and/or operated by MEA. PLANT PRODUCTS. The finished liquid products fractionated from the Raw Make delivered hereunder, including propane (including incidental ethane), isobutane, normal butane and natural gasoline. PLANT PRODUCTS DELIVERY POINT. The point at which the Plant Products are delivered to, or for the account of, MarkWest into transportation facilities furnished by MarkWest. RAW MAKE. A combined stream of propane and heavier liquefied hydrocarbons, including incidental ethane. RECEIPT POINT. For Raw Make, the inlet flange of the pipeline at the point at which MarkWest delivers Raw Make into the pipeline, and for Raw Make delivered by truck trailer or by tank car, the inlet flange of the Raw Make unloading facilities of MEA at or near Siloam.