Electrical Service Sample Clauses

Electrical Service. Electrical service for new construction or a renovated existing building shall be 480/277-volt, 3-phase, 4-wire or approved equal. Service shall be sized for HVAC and other mechanical system(s) loads, lighting, general building services, and dedicated computer based office equipment loads. 5 xxxxx per square foot shall be provided for lighting and general service receptacles. Size of neutral conductor of 3- phase circuits shall be twice that of phase conductor to accommodate potential harmonic currents associated with computer system electronic power supplies and fluorescent lighting fixtures electronic ballasts. An adequately sized 3 phase “wye” wound step down transformer shall be provided to supply 208/120-volt, 3 phase power, for lighting, general service receptacles and dedicated computer based office equipment. Dedicated, isolated ground circuits shall be supplied from separate isolated ground power distribution panel(s). Lighting circuits shall be supplied from separate lighting panel(s). Panels shall have 20% spare capacity and be complete with 10% spare breakers of each size, but no less than 1 spare. No more than 4 duplex receptacles shall be connected to any single 20-amp dedicated isolated ground circuit or general service circuit.
Electrical Service. MARKETING VENDOR agrees to purchase electrical service, if necessary, from the CITY. There will be no electricity, generators, trailers, vans or other such mechanical devices allowed unless approved by the CITY and designated in writing as part of this agreement. It is the MARKETING VENDOR’S responsibility to supply all cables and extension cords which must be UL approved.
Electrical Service. (1) The Owner is responsible to secure continuous service from an energy supplier to serve the facility. The service from the energy supplier shall be of sufficient size to provide at a minimum 10 MW of electrical capacity to the site. (2) The Owner is responsible for procurement, installation and maintenance of the site distribution system, including but not limited to the required substation and all associated distribution lines, switchgear, sectional cabinets, distribution transformers, transformer pads, etc. An on-site primary digital meter is also to be supplied for monitoring of electrical usage and demand. This meter must have the capability to be monitored via a telephone line or other electrical signal. (3) The responsibility of the Design-Builder starts at the secondary electrical terminals of the site distribution system transformers that have been installed by Owner (i.e., the 480 volt terminals for the process building transformers; the 480 volt terminals for the energy center transformers; the 480 volt terminals for the grains transformer; the 480 volt terminals for the pumphouse transformer; and the 4160 volt terminals for the chiller transformer; and the 4160 volt terminals of the thermal oxidizer transformer). (4) The site distribution system requirements, layout, and meters are to be determined jointly by the Owner, the Design-Builder and the energy supplier. Design-Builder will be providing soft start motor controllers for all motors greater than 150 horsepower and where demanded by process requirements. Owner is encouraged to discuss with its electrical service supplier whether additional soft start motor controllers are advisable for this facility and such can be added, with any increased cost being an Owner’s cost. Design-Builder will provide power factor correction to 0.92 lagging at plant nameplate capacity. Owner is encouraged to discuss with its electrical service supplier any requirements for power factor correction above 0.92 lagging. Additional power factor correction can be added with any increased cost being an Owner’s cost.
Electrical Service. Electrical Service is provided bye the Radisson Hotel for a fee. The electrical service charge only applies to those exhibitors who use the service. If electrical service is required, those exhibitors who submit their request and payment via this form by Friday, February 10, 2017 will be charged $75.00 for a 10 amp; $100.00 for a 20 amp. After this date, higher fees will be charged and all orders must be processed directly with the hotel. Exhibitor Passes You will receive the five (5) show exhibitor passes as part of your exhibitor package for each booth purchased (i.e., two booths will yield 10 exhibitor passes); with a maximum of 10 passes per exhibitor. These passes will be at the Exhibitor Check-in and must be signed out by the person or company/organization listed on the individual pass. Exhibitor passes will not be mailed to you. If additional passes are required, you may purchase them as part of the registration process – passes are available at a rate of $3.00 each below. Requests must be received, with payment, by February 10, 2017. Otherwise, additional passes may be purchased at the Expo Gate for $7 each during the show.
Electrical Service. In addition to Monthly Base Rent and Tenant's Share of Operating Expenses, Tenant shall pay with respect to the Base Year and each Adjustment Year, as additional rental, (i) Tenant's Share of all electrical service to the common areas of the Building ("Common Area Electrical Service") and (ii) the cost of electrical service to the Premises ("Premises Electrical Service") (the cost of the Common Area Electrical Service and the Premises Electrical Service, the "Electrical Cost"). In the event the electrical service to the Premises is submetered or otherwise measured in accordance with the provisions of Section 8.03, Tenant shall pay to Landlord the cost of such electrical service based upon rates determined by Landlord from time to time (which shall not exceed the amount Tenant would have been charged for such service by the local utility company furnishing such service). In the event electrical service to the Premises is not measured by a submeter or periodic determination by Landlord's engineers or other competent consultants selected by Landlord (or a combination of such methods), then Tenant shall pay to Landlord Tenant's Share of the cost of all electrical service to tenants in the Building which does not exceed Building standard consumption as established from time to time by Landlord. Tenant's Share shall be based upon the statements therefor received by Landlord from the electrical utility company providing such service, adjusted as Landlord determines appropriate to eliminate over-standard consumption. In the event that other tenants of the Building pay directly either to Landlord or third parties for electricity supplied to their respective premises (e.g. separately metered electricity), then Landlord shall adjust Tenant's Share by excluding from its calculation the rentable area of all tenants making such payments. The cost of electrical service shall include without limitation all fuel adjustment charges, demand charges, and taxes. If, during any period of time, the area of the Building is not ninety-five percent (95%) occupied, then, for purposes of this Section 4.06, Landlord may adjust the actual costs of electrical service that vary with the occupancy of the Building to Landlord's estimate of that amount which would have been paid or incurred by Landlord for electrical service had the Building been ninety-five percent (95%) occupied, and the costs of electrical service as so adjusted shall be deemed to be actual electrical costs for such cale...
Electrical Service. Subject to the limitation of this Paragraph 4, furnish electrical service to the Premises, including providing and installing all Building standard replacement lighting tubes. If Tenant uses more electrical power than Landlord in good faith considers reasonable or normal for office use, Tenant will pay Landlord on a monthly basis the cost of such excess power consumed by Tenant. Consumption will be determined, at Landlord’s election, either (a) by a survey performed by a reputable consultant selected by Landlord, or (b) through separate meters or submeters installed, maintained and read by Landlord at Tenant’s cost. For purposes of this Paragraph 4 only, “month” and “monthly” shall mean any billing period used by the utility or other power provider supplying electricity. All installations of electrical fixtures, appliances and equipment within the Premises other than normal office equipment shall be subject to Landlord’s reasonable prior approval, and if they materially affect the temperature or humidity otherwise maintained, Landlord may, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense (to be paid within (30) days after delivery of written demand supported by invoices or other reasonably satisfactory evidence), install supplemental air conditioning units. Tenant’s use of electricity shall never exceed Tenant’s share of the capacity of existing feeders to the Building or of the risers, wiring installations and transformers serving the floor(s) containing the Premises. Landlord shall provide 811311.04/WLA 378421-00002/2-14-20/mem/mem EXHIBIT F -1- 000 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX [Akero Therapeutics, Inc.] up to 3.5 xxxxx per usable square foot (demand) of riser and floor panel electrical capacity averaged over the floor being serviced. Tenant shall be allocated an approximate 2.0 xxxxx per usable square foot for power and 1.5 xxxxx per usable square foot for lighting. Any risers or wiring necessary to meet Tenant’s excess electrical requirements will be installed by Landlord on Tenant’s request, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense (to be paid in advance), but only if in Landlord’s good faith belief, they are necessary and will not cause damage to the Building or a dangerous condition, entail excessive or unreasonable alterations, repairs or expense, or disturb other occupants.
Electrical Service a. Owner is responsible to secure continuous service from an energy supplier to serve the facility. The service from the energy supplier shall be of sufficient size to provide at a minimum 12.5 MW of electrical capacity to the site.
Electrical Service. Landlord shall provide adequate electrical service to the Leased Premises to accommodate Tenant’s needs and the Building of which the Leased Premises is a part.
Electrical Service. (a) Landlord shall provide an electrical distribution system for the Building meeting the requirements of Paragraph II of Exhibit "F". Landlord shall cause to be furnished and pay for all electricity used in the Premises or in operating any and all facilities serving the Premises (the cost of same to be Operating Expenses); provided, however, that Tenant shall not create within the Premises a working environment with a density of greater than six (6) persons per 1,000 square feet of rentable area. If Tenant requests excess power for the Premises in excess of that necessary for general office use in the Premises, then Tenant shall be responsible for the actual costs incurred by Landlord in providing for such excess power, including the cost to Landlord of providing any separate metering, if necessary in Landlord's reasonable discretion. If separate meters are not used, the amounts chargeable to Tenant under the preceding provision shall be Landlord's average cost of electric power multiplied by Tenant's excess usage, as reasonably determined by Landlord's professional engineer and approved by Tenant's professional engineer.
Electrical Service. Tenant's use of electrical services furnished by Landlord shall be subject to the following: