Generators Sample Clauses

Generators. Temporary installation of generators, and permanent installation of generators that are placed inside existing buildings or that occupy an area under 50 square feet behind the building they serve.
Generators. Licensee shall not allow or install generators or back-up generators in the Public Right-of-Way.
Generators. If you choose to use your own generator, the following rules will apply. Do not use the generator inside the trailer - it MUST be kept outside. Do not leave the trailer unattended while a generator is running. Do not run a generator overnight or while sleeping due to safety reasons. Your generator must be a minimum of 3500 xxxxx to run the systems within the RV without causing a power issue. You, the renter, assume all responsibility for any and all damages caused to the trailer & its appliances and systems by the use of a generator.
Generators o The new shelter will be equipped with a 25 KW Generac propane generator. The existing Kohler generator is 10 KW. o The existing 250 gallon propane tank will be used, with new gas lines coming off of the existing line. o Cap off the gas lines to the existing generator after cut-over to the new equipment.
Generators. The analysis shall include all generators with a Winter Capability equal to or greater than 10.0 MW. Multiple generators connected to a single bus with a total Winter Capability equal to or greater than 10.0 MW shall also be included.
Generators. Generator/Welder House: one (1) Engineer required.
Generators. Any generators in the Use Areas must be specifically approved by the City. Generators must be equipped with well-maintained mufflers and comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Exercising a fixed generator must be confined to not more than a single session of one (1) hour or less each calendar month between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on a day that is not a weekend or holiday. No portable generators can be used except when power to the Communications Equipment is down during an emergency. In such case, the portable generator will need to be removed within four (4) hours after the power has been restored.
Generators. Use of generators and fireworks in public parks is prohibited.
Generators. The analysis shall include all generators with a
Generators. All traders must adhere to the Sheffield Food Festival Event Specification for the use of generators in the City Centre.