No Guarantees Sample Clauses

No Guarantees. The District will make good faith efforts to protect children from improper or harmful matter which may be on the Internet. At the same time, in signing this agreement, the parent and Student recognize that the District makes no guarantees about preventing improper access to such materials on the part of the Student.
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No Guarantees. That it never has been represented, guaranteed or warranted to the undersigned by the Company, or any of its officers, directors, agents, representatives or employees, or any other person, expressly or by implication, that:
No Guarantees. None of the Liabilities of the Business or of Seller incurred in connection with the conduct of the Business is guaranteed by or subject to a similar contingent obligation of any other Person, nor has Seller guaranteed or become subject to a similar contingent obligation in respect of the Liabilities of any customer, supplier or other Person to whom Seller sells goods or provides services in the conduct of the Business or with whom Seller otherwise has significant business relationships in the conduct of the Business.
No Guarantees. Assume, guarantee, endorse, or otherwise become liable upon the obligations of any other Person, including, without limitation, any Subsidiary or Affiliate of any Borrower, except (a) by the endorsement of negotiable instruments in the ordinary course of business, (b) by the giving of indemnities in connection with the sale of Inventory or other asset dispositions permitted hereunder and (c) in connection with the incurrence of Permitted Indebtedness.
No Guarantees. The Notes will not be guaranteed by any Subsidiary of the Company or entitled to any guarantee.
No Guarantees. 16. It is understood that no guarantees, express or implied, representations, promises or statements have been made by the Lessee unless endorsed herein in writing. And it is further understood that this Lease shall not be valid and binding upon the State of Washington, unless same has been approved by the Director of the Department of Enterprise Services of the State of Washington or his or her designee and approved as to form by the Office of the Attorney General. Any amendment or modification of this Lease must be in writing and signed by both parties. ENERGY CONSERVATION
No Guarantees. No Guarantees have been granted by any Company except for (i) Guarantees which comprise part of the Security; and (ii) Guarantees in respect of Permitted Funded Debt incurred by any other Company.
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No Guarantees. The Fund does not have, nor does it guarantee any securities accorded a rating by any “nationally recognized statistical rating organization,” as such term is defined in Rule 436(g)(2) under the Securities Act.
No Guarantees. Customer acknowledges that Customer has no separate agreement with Customer’s broker or any FUNDA MARKETS LIMITED employee or agent regarding the trading in Customer’s FUNDA MARKETS LIMITED account, including any agreement to guarantee profits or limit losses in Customer’s account. Customer understands that Customer must authorize every transaction prior to its execution unless Customer has delegated discretion to another party by signing FUNDA MARKETS LIMITED’s limited trading authorization, and any disputed transactions must be brought to the attention of FUNDA MARKETS LIMITED’s Compliance Officer pursuant to the notice requirements of this Customer Agreement. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold FUNDA MARKETS LIMITED harmless form all damages or liability resulting from Customer’s failure to immediately notify FUNDA MARKETS LIMITED’s Compliance Officer of any of the occurrences referred to herein. All notices required under this section shall be sent to FUNDA MARKETS LIMITED at its home office.
No Guarantees. As of the Issue Date, the Notes will not be guaranteed by any Subsidiary of the Company or entitled to any guarantee pursuant to Section 4.12.
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