Date of Hire definition

Date of Hire means the date on which a person shall perform his first Hour of Service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event a person incurs one or more consecutive Breaks after his initial Date of Hire which results in the forfeiture of his pre-Break Service pursuant to Section 3.3, his "Date of Hire" shall thereafter be the date on which he completes his first Hour of Service after such Break or Breaks.
Date of Hire means the date of an employee's original appointment to the District.
Date of Hire means the date services for remuneration were first performed by the employee.

Examples of Date of Hire in a sentence

  • Date of Hire or Hire Date – Refers to the effective date of the most recent date of hire in a regular position.

  • The Manpower Plan must include (1) the names of the bidder’s personnel to be assigned to the Project, (2) trade/position, (3) Social Security Number or Driver’s License Number and (4) Employee Date of Hire.

  • For determination of benefits to which the Executive is entitled, including but not limited to those described in Sections 2.2(a) and 2.2(b), the Executive’s Date of Hire shall be the first date of his employment with a subsidiary of either the Company or American Financial Group, Inc.

  • Bidder’s Name: Name of the Person Signing the Bid: Signature of the Person Signing the Bid: Bid Due Date: Bidder's Planned Manpower Provide Employee Name, Trade/Position, Social Security Number or Driver’s License Number and Date of Hire for each employee:(use additional sheets if necessary).

  • If an employee/subscriber waives coverage, coverage will also be waived for the employee's dependents (if applicable) on all Trust benefit plans.Employee Waiver CertificationEmployee Name: Employer: Social Security #: Employer’s Group #: Employee Phone #: Date of Hire: I certify I have read and understand the above “Waiver Release” information.

More Definitions of Date of Hire

Date of Hire means either of the following:
Date of Hire means the date the worker starts work as a preferred worker.
Date of Hire means the first day the employee works for which the employee is entitled to compensation from the payor of income.
Date of Hire means the date any employee of a private security services business or training school performs services regulated or required to be regulated by the department.
Date of Hire means the date an employee begins or, after a break in service, resumes his paid employment with the State. (NAC 284.053)
Date of Hire means the date on which an Employee first performs an Hour of Service for the Employer.
Date of Hire means an Employee's first day of work as a permanent part-time or as a permanent full-time;