Filling Vacant Positions Sample Clauses

Filling Vacant Positions a. The Board shall fill vacancies for positions covered by this agreement, other than teaching positions of special responsibility in the order listed in Article E.11.3.e provided that the teacher appointed to perform the duties of the vacant position has the necessary qualifications. Necessary qualifications are defined as certification and academic preparation, recent experience in a similar assignment, quality of service as reflected in reports, and references. Where the qualifications of two or more applicants for a position are equal, the teacher with the greatest district seniority shall be appointed.
Filling Vacant Positions. During the time the procedures outlined herein are in effect, position vacancies to be filled shall first be offered to regular employees who have a contractual right to be recalled to a position in the involved job classification or who may have a right to “bump” or transfer to the position, as the case may be. In such circumstances, the seniority provisions of the Agreement shall be observed. If no regular employee has a contractual right to the position, the following shall be given consideration in the order (priority) indicated below: 1st Priority: Qualified Job Bank employees 2nd Priority: Employees on a recall list 3rd Priority: Employee applicants from a list of eligibles 4th Priority: Displaced certified temporary employees 5th Priority: Non-employee applicants from a list of eligibles The qualifications of an employee in the Job Bank or on a recall list shall be reviewed to determine whether he/she meets the qualifications for a vacant position. Whether the employee can be trained for a position within a reasonable time (not to exceed three months) shall be considered when determining the qualifications of an employee. If it is determined that the employee does not meet the qualifications for a vacant position, the employee may appeal to the Director of Human Resources. If it is determined that an employee in the Job Bank is qualified for a vacant position, the employee shall be selected. The appointing authority may appeal the issue of whether the employee is qualified. The dispute shall be presented to and resolved by the Job Bank Steering Committee. If it is determined that an employee on a recall list is qualified for a vacant position, the employee will be given priority consideration and may be selected. Appeals regarding employees on a recall list and their qualifications for a position will be handled by the Civil Service Commission. The grievance procedure under the Labor Agreement shall not apply to determinations as to qualifications of the employee for a vacant position.
Filling Vacant Positions. Vacant positions will be filled by legally mandated placement or reinstatement, transfer or demotion in lieu of layoff, recall from layoff, seasonal recall, hire/rehire, promotion, transfer, demotion, or demotion for disciplinary reasons. Positions shall be filled as legally mandated or by the most qualified applicant as determined by the Municipality
Filling Vacant Positions. 1. Other than in filling positions of special responsibility, and providing that applicants have equal qualifications as defined in C.5.3 (Definition of Qualifications) and seniority as defined in C.5.2 (Definition of Seniority), the order of priority for filling positions shall be:
Filling Vacant Positions. 5. When a position on the teaching staff of the District becomes available, the Board shall first offer re-engagement to the teacher who has the most seniority among those with rights of re-engagement according to Article C.5.4.a, provided that the teacher possesses the necessary qualifications for the available position as per Article C.5.2.a.
Filling Vacant Positions. -99 The recruitment of applicants and the filling of vacant positions is the responsibility of the Employer. All candidates who possess the posted qualifications shall be considered to advance the concept of promotion from within the ranks of the University. MSU Human Resources will provide the employing department with a list of candidates. In any instance when bargaining unit candidates possess the posted qualifications, at least five (5) of said candidates, if available, shall be interviewed. -100 The responsibility for determining which candidates shall be interviewed will reside with the employing department. This determination will be based upon information obtained from the candidates' credentials. The department should take longevity of service into account when determining who will be interviewed, but ability to do the work shall be the prime factor for setting the interview list. -101 If any outside candidate is hired over an interviewed Employee or an interviewed Employee on layoff status, the Association shall be provided with a copy of the Position Vacancy Record, which will contain the reasons for selection and nonselection. This shall be done in a timely manner. If the procedures outlined above have been followed, the determination will not be grievable; however, the Association may request a Special Conference to discuss the issue. -102 Employees will be given reasonable time off from their jobs for the purpose of interviewing for another University position. Arrangements must be made in advance with their supervisor.
Filling Vacant Positions. Except as provided for in Section 7.03 - Work Location, job classification positions which are vacant because of separation from employment, promotion, or the creation of a new position which the Employer intends to fill, shall be posted for ten (10) working days. If additional vacancies in the same job classification occur within ninety (90) days of the initial hire from the list, the Employer may hire from applicants to the original posting after an additional posting within the bargaining unit of five (5) working days. Applicants applying during the five (5) day posting will be added to the list if they successfully complete all components of the assessment and/or examination process. Employees may refuse a job offer up to three (3) times and remain in the pool.