Contract employee definition

Contract employee means a probationary faculty employee or a grant- funded employee hired on a year-to-year basis in accordance with Education Code 87470.
Contract employee means any person who performs work for a business or non-profit entity, but who is paid by an agency which contracts with said business or non-profit entity to supply such workers.

Examples of Contract employee in a sentence

  • The SACDC reserves the right to request a response from the next level in the Contractor’schain of command, refusal of a Contract employee to acknowledge this right may result in SACDC contacting the executive of the chain of command and any other contract resolution actions necessary to protect the best interests of SACDC.

  • If any Contract employee loses his / her card, the Contractor shall arrange a duplicate for the employee by paying an amount of Rs. 100/-.

  • As a condition of appointment and as a condition of continued employment under the terms of this Contract, employee verifies possession of a current and valid Certificate with proper endorsement or certificate of eligibility for the position.

  • The Contractor is totally responsible for the biometric/RFID cards issued to his / her Contract employee.

More Definitions of Contract employee

Contract employee means an employee of a staffing service who works at a public school under a contract between the staffing service and the public school.
Contract employee means a person employed by a party other than the PILOT Recipient and whose labor is contracted for by PILOT Recipient and who is considered a necessary member of the workforce responsible for duties and assignments required to be performed in order for the PILOT Recipient to operate its business. All Contract Employees are subject to the PILOT criteria for determining Net New Jobs, including, but not limited to, Wages and health insurance requirements.
Contract employee means a person with whom the facility or a parent has an agreement to provide services to a child or children while attending the facility.
Contract employee means an employee of a staffing service or other entity who works at a public or private school under a contract.
Contract employee means any person who performs services for a hospital, and whose compensation may or may not be reflected on the payroll records of a hospital, hospital pharmacy, or remote medication order processing pharmacy.
Contract employee means an individual who: