Profit Sharing Plan definition

Profit Sharing Plan means a profit-sharing plan that is qualified pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 401 of the Internal Revenue Code and subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, and which provides for employer contributions in the form of cash, but not in the form of stock or other equity interests in a Medical Marijuana Business.
Profit Sharing Plan means any such program or arrangement as qualifies hereunder which provides for the dis- tribution by the employer to his em- ployees of their respective shares of profits;
Profit Sharing Plan means the features of the Plan pursuant to which all contributions, other than Employer Pension Contributions, are made to the Plan, including any contributions pursuant to the cash or deferred arrangement (Section 401(k)) described in Article V hereof. Such features apply only to the extent elected in items 6 and/or 8 of the Adoption Agreement (Profit Sharing Plan).

Examples of Profit Sharing Plan in a sentence

  • Contributions to the Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC Retirement & Profit Sharing Plan to purchase shares of the Funds, and holdings of shares of the Funds within such Plan, are not required to be reported under Sections III and IV.

  • Profit Sharing Plan, any supplemental deferred compensation plan, and any other death, insurance, employee benefit plan or stock benefit plan provided to Executive by the Employer, according to the terms of the respective plans.

  • Upon any full or partial termination or upon the complete discontinuance of the Employer's Contributions to the Plan (in the case of a Profit Sharing Plan), all amounts credited to the affected Participants' Combined Accounts shall become 100% Vested and shall not thereafter be subject to Forfeiture.

  • Profit Sharing Plan (the “Plan”), Executive shall be eligible to receive an annual profit share based on performance as defined by the Board of Directors.

  • In making such investments, the Trustee shall not be restricted to securities or other property of the character expressly authorized by the applicable law for trust investments; however, the Trustee shall give due regard to any limitations imposed by the Code or the Act so that at all times the Plan may qualify as a qualified Profit Sharing Plan and Trust.

More Definitions of Profit Sharing Plan

Profit Sharing Plan means the NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. Profit Sharing Retirement Plan or any successor thereto.
Profit Sharing Plan means the Profit Sharing Plan of Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, as amended from time to time.
Profit Sharing Plan means the W.W. Grainger, Inc. Employees Profit Sharing Plan as amended from time to time.
Profit Sharing Plan means the Company Profit Sharing Plan.
Profit Sharing Plan means the Company's Salaried Associate Retirement Profit Sharing Plan or any successor plan thereto
Profit Sharing Plan means the Employees’ Profit Sharing Plan of Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation, originally effective November 1, 1963, and as subsequently amended, or any successor plan thereto.
Profit Sharing Plan means the Stillwater National Bank and Trust Company Profit Sharing Plan and Trust, as amended, or any successor plan thereto.