Xxxxx work Sample Clauses

Xxxxx work d. Earthwork, making sewers, surfacing with tarmac, road building, laying earth conduits, laying paving and garden work.
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Xxxxx work. 1. In the case of shift work, two or three shift arrangements, as well as continuous shifts, can be agreed upon. When converting from normal working hours – 37.5 hours per week – to different working time arrangements, the table below is to be used for wage compensation: From 37.5 hours - 36.5 hours 2.74 % From 37.5 hours - 35.5 hours 5.64 % From 37.5 hours - 33.6 hours 11.61 % Compensation for shortened working hours in connection with shift work is calculated on the basis of the actual hourly wage.
Xxxxx work. This includes Minor civil/additional-alteration civil work & civil repair works as per office requirement in premises area. Required equipment & material are to be provided by contractor.
Xxxxx work. ENGINEER will provide 1 staff person throughout the course of the fieldwork to conduct the inspections. We will rely on Berlin Public Works staff to locate manholes (where buried) and expose the covers, open manholes and provide traffic control. In some cases, it may be necessary for the CLIENT to utilize its sewer camera equipment to determine the approximate distance to buried manholes and to assist with the mapping of sewer piping. The ENGINEER will provide metal detection equipment for locating buried manhole covers. All manholes inspected will have their locations recorded with a GPS. ENGINEER will use the equivalent of a Trimble RTK GPS, which typically has a horizontal accuracy of 2 to 3 cm. ENGINEER will record rim elevations for each manhole as well. Per previous discussions with the CLIENT, manholes will be inspected in accordance with the NASSCO Xxxxx 0 xxxxxxxx. Xxxxx 0 inspections include observations on potential inflow, evidence of surcharge, and condition of the manhole components. A Level 1 NASSCO inspection will allow the CLIENT to gather basic condition assessment information on a manhole and to gather enough information to determine if a comprehensive Level 2 inspection is needed (to be conducted under a future effort). A Level 1 inspection will be completed without the use of any special equipment or manned entry into a manhole. The following information will be recorded in the field for each manhole for a Level 1 inspection: • Rim to invert depth • Cover condition • Ring condition • Frame condition • Chimney condition • Cone condition • Wall condition • Bench condition • Channel condition • I/I detected ENGINEER will take one or more pictures of each manhole. Typically, one will be taken at the surface level to provide additional value in identifying the location, and one or more photos will be taken of the inside of the manhole to supplement condition assessments. ENGINEER estimates that the GPS location and inspection of each manhole will take approximately 30 minutes per manhole, on average, amounting to approximately 15 manhole inspections per day. This rate could change depending on conditions on site and the conditions found during inspections. Under the budget identified by the CLIENT, we propose approximately 5 weeks of field data collection efforts, and estimate this would allow approximately 400 manholes to be located and inspected. It is anticipated that the focus/priority will be mapping the sewers that existed before the ...
Xxxxx work. The scope of the work for the shell improvements ("Shell Work") to be performed by Landlord at Landlord’s sole expense is set forth in the preliminary plans and specifications attached hereto as Exhibit B-4 and written project description attached hereto as Exhibit B-1 ("Project Description"). Landlord shall prepare at Landlord’s sole expense and submit to Tenant a set of proposed final plans and specifications and actual working drawings for the Shell Work (the "Shell CD’s"), which shall be based on the Project Description. Tenant shall have the right to meet with Landlord on a weekly basis to review the Shell CD’s as such are being prepared. Tenant shall have ten (10) business days after receipt of the Shell CD’s in which to review the Shell CD’s and to give to Landlord written notice of Tenant’s approval of the Shell CD’s or its requested changes to the Shell CD’s. Tenant may only request changes to the Shell CD’s that would increase the scope of work through a Change Order (as hereinafter defined). If Tenant fails to approve or request changes to the Shell CD’s within ten (10) business days after its receipt thereof, Tenant shall be deemed to have approved the Shell CD’s and the same shall thereupon be final. If Tenant requests any reasonable changes to the Shell CD’s, Landlord shall make those changes which are reasonably requested by Tenant and shall within ten (10) days of its receipt of such request submit the revised portion of the Shell CD’s to Tenant. Tenant shall have five (5) business days to approve the revised portions of the Shell CD’s or to notify Landlord that it failed to incorporate the reasonable comments of Tenant. The Shell CD’s, as modified by said revisions, shall be deemed to be final upon the submission of said revisions to Tenant. Landlord and Tenant shall at all times in their review of the Shell CD’s, and of any revisions thereto, act reasonably and in good faith. Without limiting the foregoing, Tenant agrees to confirm Tenant’s consent to the Shell CD’s in writing (which may be by email) within five (5) business days following Landlord’s written request therefor, which written request shall contain in bold that such consent must be provided within five (5) business days. Landlord shall construct in a good and workmanlike manner all of the Shell Work and supply all work, labor, commercial grade materials and equipment necessary to complete the Shell Work in accordance with the Shell CD’s and Project Description, which shall in...
Xxxxx work. When elected by the Employer, multiple eight (8) hour shifts may be worked on a temporary basis. When two (2) or three (3) shifts are worked, the first eight (8) hour shift shall be the day shift and shall be paid at the straight time hourly rate of pay. The second and third eight (8) hour shifts shall each be paid at 15% above the applicable rate. Shift work shall be for a minimum of five (5) consecutive days.
Xxxxx work. During progress of construction, Owner may order extra work. Such extra work shall be specified in a written change order signed by the Owner and Contractor and shall be paid for at time the change order is completed unless otherwise agreed to by the parties.
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Related to Xxxxx work

  • THE WORK The Work comprises the completed construction required by the Contract Documents and includes all labor necessary to produce such construction, and all materials and equipment incorporated or to be incorporated in such construction.

  • Technical Specifications The Technical Specifications furnished on the CD are intended to establish the standards for quality, performance and technical requirements for all labor, workmanship, material, methods and equipment necessary to complete the Work. When specifications and drawings are provided or referenced by the County, these are to be considered part of the Scope of Work, and to be specifically documented in the Detailed Scope of Work. For convenience, the County supplied specifications, if any, and the Technical Specifications furnished on the CD.

  • Commencement of Work Engineer shall not commence any field work under this Contract until he/she/it has obtained all required insurance and such insurance has been approved by County. As further set out below, Engineer shall not allow any subcontractor/subconsultant(s) to commence work to be performed in connection with this Contract until all required insurance has been obtained and approved and such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Approval of the insurance by County shall not relieve or decrease the liability of Engineer hereunder.

  • Scope of Work The Contractor has overall responsibility for and shall provide and furnish all materials, equipment, tools and labor as necessary or reasonably inferable to complete the Work, or any phase of the Work, in accordance with the Owner’s requirements and the terms of the Contract Documents.

  • Project Scope The physical scope of the Project shall be limited to only those capital improvements as described in Appendix A of this Agreement. In the event that circumstances require a change in such physical scope, the change must be approved by the District Committee, recorded in the District Committee's official meeting minutes, and provided to the OPWC Director for the execution of an amendment to this Agreement.

  • Statement of Work The Contractor shall provide the services and staff, and otherwise do all things necessary for or incidental to the performance of work, as set forth below:

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