Xxxxx 0 Sample Clauses

Xxxxx 0. Xxxxx 0 is currently contemplated to occur in 2024 when thermal load can support the installation of the alternate energy source, which will be the utilization of waste heat from TRIUMF cooling towers. UBC has a Letter of Intent (LOI) with TRIUMF supporting the project. The trigger to initiate Phase 2 of the NDES is either or both of the following events:  the interconnection of the Wesbrook portion of the NDES and the ADES; and/or  the connection of a permanent CEP to an Alternate Energy Source Phase 2 of the NDES Project Plan outlines the interconnection of Wesbrook Place, Stadium Road, the ADES and Acadia East/Block F with a main trunk supply-return pipeline. A permanent Central Energy Plant (CEP) will be constructed to the south of Wesbrook Place, as close as possible to the TRIUMF research facility. Figure 2 below outlines the overall Project Plan. Figure 2: NDES Phases 1 and 2
Xxxxx 0. If the grievant is not satisfied with the decision at Xxxxx 0, xx/xxx may, within ten (10) days, appeal the decision on the appropriate form (Appendix E) to the Superintendent or his/her designee. The statement shall include a copy of the original grievance and appeal, the decisions rendered, and a clear, concise statement of the reasons for the appeal.
Xxxxx 0. Xxxxx 1 consists of: • the construction of the plaza level from south of Building 2 to north of Building 3; • construction of Buildings 2 and 3; and • construction of associated required parking and plaza level landscape, hardscape, and pedestrian amenities for Buildings 2 and 3.
Xxxxx 0. Xxxxx 1 consists of construction of: • frontage improvements on West Bay Drive from the southern Property boundary to north of the Xxxxxxx Trail pedestrian crossing; • completion of a portion of shoreline restoration; • construction of the waterfront trail; • installation of public utility infrastructure (water, sewer, stormwater, roads, solid waste facilities) as generally depicted on Exhibit C and that will be specifically depicted on City approved construction permits; and • any other site improvements required for Phase 1 to meet applicable code requirements as a “stand alone” project. Construction of Phase 1 site improvements is anticipated to take approximately six months after issuance of required approvals and permits. Construction permits for Phase 1 site development may be issued once Developer receives all required City, state, and federal environmental and engineering approvals for Phase 1 shoreline restoration. Completion bonding pursuant to Sections 2.050 and 2.030 of the Engineering Design and Development Standards will be required for the first three listed Site improvements in 11.1.2 prior to issuance of the first building permit for Phase 1. All of this work needs to be completed before a Certificate of Occupancy permit is issued for the last building in Phase 2, or 15 years after approval of this Agreement, whichever comes first.
Xxxxx 0. Xxx XXX'x are supported by a number of related non-product design documents such as Company Standards and Procedures that contain details describing the administrative system, such as how to conduct a Design Review meeting. Separate from Company Standards and Procedures are the product design documents describing tasks or work instructions that are in direct support of the product. such as a Test Procedure. Both non-product design and product design documents are confidential to the Company and are not for general distribution. However, at the discretion of the Company President, they may be made available for review by the customer.
Xxxxx 0. Xxxxx 3 of the Work Plan has a target completion date of [***].
Xxxxx 0. Xxxxx 2 consists of: • the construction of xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx Xxxxxxxx 0; • construction of Buildings 4 and 5; and • construction of associated required parking and plaza level landscape, hardscape, and pedestrian amenities for Buildings 4 and 5.
Xxxxx 0. 3.1.1 Within twenty (20) days after the occurrence of the act or omission giving rise to the grievance, the grievant must present the grievance in writing to the employee’s immediate supervisor.
Xxxxx 0. Xxxxx 2a consists of completion of the golf course and Half-way house (adjacent to fairway 5), develop the new, additional well, Kettle C: supplementary replacement to Kettle B, construct maintenance building and 52 units for staff quarters. Phase 2b consists of construction of the Golf Terrace Recreation Center and Conference center/spa (208 units).
Xxxxx 0. Xxxxxxxxxxxx Music (school year) Head Football Coach Head Boys’ Basketball Coach Head Girls’ Basketball Coach Head Cross Country Coach (Boys & Girls combined) Head Boys’ Soccer Coach Head Girls’ Soccer Coach Head Volleyball Coach Head Wrestling Coach Head Baseball Coach Head Softball Coach Head Boys’ Track Coach Head Girls’ Track Coach High School Yearbook Advisor* High School Vocal Music (school year) Varsity Assistant Football Coach (4) JV Wrestling Musical Director Head Boys’ Golf Coach Head Girls’ Golf Coach Band Assistant Varsity Assistant Track Coach (2) JV Boys’ Golf Coach JV Boys’ Basketball Coach JV Girls’ Basketball Coach JV Volleyball Coach JV Baseball Coach JV Softball Coach Xxxxx 0 Xxxxx 0 Xxxxx 0 Xxxxx 0 Xxxxx 8 Fall Faculty Manager Winter Faculty Manager Varsity Basketball Cheerleading Coach Freshman Volleyball Coach Freshman Boys’ Basketball Coach Freshman Girls’ Basketball Coach Head Junior High Football Coach 7th Grade Volleyball Coach 8th Grade Volleyball Coach Junior High Cross Country Coach (Boys & Girls) 7th Grade Boys’ Basketball Coach 8th Grade Boys’ Basketball Coach 7th Grade Girls’ Basketball Coach 8th Grade Girls’ Basketball Coach Junior High Wrestling Coach Junior High Boys’ Track Coach Junior High Girls’ Track Coach Musical Director Varsity Football Cheerleading Coach JV Basketball Cheerleading Coach Coordinator of Vocal and Instrumental Music for Musical Assistant Play Director Theater Lighting/Sound Junior High Assistant Football Coach (2) JV Football Cheerleading Coach Junior High Basketball Cheerleading Coach High School Play Flag Corps Advisor Junior Class Coordinator Senior Class Coordinator Knowledge Bowl Coach Junior High Football Cheerleading Coach Junior High Play Science Fair Chairman 6th Grade Outdoor Education Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Advisor Spelling Bee Advisor High School Student Council Advisor Middle School Student Council Advisor Department Heads High School Model U.N. Middle School Model U.N. Middle School Yearbook Elementary School Yearbook Middle School Washington DC Trip Coordinator The position of High School Yearbook Advisor shall be a Level 3 if done as a class period during the normal school day. If it is not done during the normal school day, it shall be a Level 2.