Special Equipment definition

Special Equipment means equipment installed on a motor truck which, in combination with the motor truck on which the equipment is installed, constitutes a self-contained unit configured for a specific purpose. To constitute special equipment, a minimum of seven thousand five hundred dollars or twenty-five percent of the retail value of the motor truck, whichever is greater, must be expended in installing the equipment on the motor truck, including the cost of the equipment. “Special equipment” does not include equipment designed for the transportation of passengers.
Special Equipment means (a) any equipment consuming more than 0.5 kilowatts at rated capacity, (b) any equipment requiring a voltage other than 120 volts, single phase, or (c) equipment that requires the use of self-contained HVAC units. If Tenant desires Excess Usage, Landlord will use reasonable efforts to supply the same. Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for all Landlord's costs of providing services for Excess Usage, including costs for materials, additional wear and tear on equipment, utilities, and labor (including fringe and overhead costs). Computation of such costs will be made by Xxxxxxxx's engineer, based on his engineering survey of Xxxxxx's Excess Usage. Tenant shall also reimburse Landlord for all costs of supplementing the Building HVAC System and/or extending or supplementing any electrical service, as Landlord determines is necessary, as a result of Xxxxxx's Excess Usage. Prior to installation or use of Special Equipment or operation of the Premises for extended hours on an ongoing basis, Tenant shall notify Landlord of such intended installation or use and obtain Landlord's consent. Not less than 48 hours' prior notice shall be given Landlord of Tenant's request for such services. Tenant may request that Landlord install at Tenant's cost a check meter and/or flow meter to determine the cost of Tenant's Excess Usage. Tenant shall also pay the cost of replacing light bulbs and/or tubes and ballast used in all lighting in the Premises other than that provided by Landlord to all tenants of the Building.
Special Equipment shall refer to additional equipment provided by a third-party, that is set forth separately from the Base Specifications on Appendix C, Light Duty Vehicles including Law Enforcement (Model Year 2014 or Current Model Year) Documents, Number 2, Price Pages, and that Contractor must include with an Item.

Examples of Special Equipment in a sentence

  • Special Equipment: Use only rubber tired wheelbarrows, buggies, trucks, or dollies to wheel loads over finished floors, regardless if the floor has been protected or not.

  • Where Special Equipment to service the customer is required, the Company may require a specified minimum charge.

  • Special Equipment and Personnel Re- quirements for Qualification of the FFS (§ 60.14).

  • Attention is drawn to the provisions of the UNECE Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be Used for Such Carriage (ATP) (ECE/TRANS/165).

  • Special Equipment, Platforms, Flatracks, Open tops, etc., of all dimensions after expiration of free time: 1 – 3 days $331.00 per calendar day 4 days and above $520.00 per calendar day 4.

More Definitions of Special Equipment

Special Equipment means any Equipment item other than Playing Equipment.
Special Equipment means equipment that during a school
Special Equipment means equipment that during a school year:
Special Equipment means that part of the steering equipment by which additional or independent power is produced. Additional or independent power may be produced by any mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical system, or by any combination of these (for example by an oil pump, air pump or battery, etc.).
Special Equipment means, but is not limited to CD player, DVD Player, F.M. and radio, stereo tape players, disc players, speakers, amplifiers, phone, special paint, decals, stripes, wire wheels, magnesium wheels, aluminum wheels, chrome wheels, polycast wheels, wheel covers, targa tops, t-tops, sunroofs, moon roofs, flip up roofs, convertible tops, spoilers and/or ground effect packages;
Special Equipment means non-transferrable equipment or special features added to a state motor vehicle for the purpose of carrying out specific duties
Special Equipment is defined as, but not limited to, large cranes, bull-dozers, and other heavy equipment.