Detection Equipment Sample Clauses

Detection Equipment. The City will purchase and install detection equipment at its own expense, if needed, for each City intersection identified in Exhibit B.
Detection Equipment. The County will purchase and install any detection equipment at its own expense, if needed, for each County intersection identified in Exhibit B.
Detection Equipment. Tenant is not permitted to disable any hazard detection equipment such as smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors. Any detection equipment that the Tenant believes to be faulty should immediately be reported to Landlord.

Related to Detection Equipment

  • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT The following are lists of major construction equipment that I / we presently own or will acquire for this contract if my / our tender is accepted.

  • Computer Equipment SSAS shall provide a complete computer set-up, including the required keyboard and keypad, as specified by the School Board. The School Board shall maintain all student status and account information.

  • Customer Equipment Customer represents and warrants that it owns or has the legal right and authority, and will continue to own or maintain the legal right and authority during the term of this Agreement, to place and use the Customer Equipment as contemplated by this Agreement. Customer further represents and warrants that its placement, arrangement, and use of the Customer Equipment in the Internet Data Centers complies with the Customer Equipment Manufacturer's environmental and other specifications.

  • Communication Equipment All charges for equipment or services used for communication between the Manager or the Corporation or Fund and the custodian, transfer agent or any other agent selected by the Corporation;

  • Safety Equipment With the exception of footwear and prescription glasses, the Employer will supply all safety equipment required for the job under Workers’ Compensation Regulations. Where the Employer’s regulations regarding safety footwear exceed Workers’ Compensation Board Regulations, then the Employer shall supply such footwear. Where the following safety equipment is required by the Workers’ Compensation Board, it will be issued on an individual basis:

  • Test equipment For the tests an inertia dynamometer shall be equipped with the vehicle brake in question. The dynamometer shall be instrumented for continuous recording of rotational speed, brake torque, pressure in the brake line, number of rotations after brake application, braking time and brake rotor temperature.

  • Leased Equipment Schedule 3.16(h) hereto contains a list of all leases or other agreements, whether written or oral, under which the Corporation is lessee of or holds or operates any items of machinery, equipment, motor vehicles, furniture and fixtures or other property (other than real property) owned by any third party (collectively, the "LEASED EQUIPMENT").

  • Metering Equipment 13.01. Utility will furnish, install, own and maintain metering equipment capable of measuring the flow of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy. The Customer's service associated with the CRG will be metered at a single metering point. The metering equipment will measure energy delivered by Utility to Customer and also measure energy delivered by Customer to Utility. Customer agrees to provide safe and reasonable access to the premises for installation of this equipment and its future maintenance or removal.

  • Equipment The Fund shall obtain and maintain at its own cost and expense all equipment and services, including but not limited to communications services, necessary for it to utilize the Software and obtain access to the System, and Custodian shall not be responsible for the reliability or availability of any such equipment or services.

  • Personnel Equipment and Material Engineer shall furnish and maintain, at its own expense, quarters for the performance of all Engineering Services, and adequate and sufficient personnel and equipment to perform the Engineering Services as required. All employees of Engineer shall have such knowledge and experience as will enable them to perform the duties assigned to them. Any employee of Engineer who, in the reasonable opinion of County, is incompetent or whose conduct becomes detrimental to the Engineering Services shall immediately be removed from association with the Project when so instructed by County. Engineer certifies that it presently has adequate qualified personnel in its employment for performance of the Engineering Services required under this Contract, or will obtain such personnel from sources other than County. Engineer may not change the Project Manager without prior written consent of County.