Project Scope definition

Project Scope. The specific scope of work for each job order project shall be determined in advance and in writing between the Owner and the Contractor.
Project Scope has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1 of this Agreement.

Examples of Project Scope in a sentence

  • Develop a Project Management Plan based on the Requirements Report and which covers the entire Project Scope, detailing project deliverables and timeline, roles, responsibilities, communication protocols, document control methodology, cost management, milestones, schedule management and quality management plans.

  • Upon completion of the Agreement, transfer, at no cost, to CITY all public records in possession of VENDOR or keep and maintain public records required by CITY to perform the Project Scope of Services.

  • I respectfully disagree with the analysis of Stuart-Smith LJ in relation to the quantification of the indirect, downstream greenhouse gas emissions from the processing and use of the LNG generated by the Project (Scope 3 emissions).

  • Summer Employment – Mr. Blodgett stated this topic was covered in detail during the Chief Operator’s Report.b. 2022 District I/I Project Scope – Mr. Blodgett stated Mr. Lannon and Ms. Misiti will address this topic during the Engineer’s Report.

  • Project Scope The health and disability sector NGOs21 represented by the working group are the focus of this paper.

More Definitions of Project Scope

Project Scope means the part of the grant agreement that succinctly describes the extent or range of what the project will accomplish.
Project Scope means the scope of the Proposed Project that has been mutually agreed to by the Authority and District and further described in Exhibit B attached hereto, as may be updated from time to time.
Project Scope. The Project Scope shall include, but not be limited to, the written description of a Project, the PPR, Educational Facility Specifications, HISD Design and Construction Standards, and any other descriptions provided by HISD or the PM.
Project Scope means the scope of the project subject to this Agreement as described in Attachment B.