Chapter Sample Clauses

Chapter. “Chapter” shall mean any organizational unit of the Association that is based at a single University.
Chapter. 11 Claims. Incur, create, assume, suffer to exist or permit any other Superpriority Claim which is pari passu with or senior to the claims of the Administrative Agent and the Lenders against the Borrower and the Guarantors hereunder, except for the Carve- Out.
Chapter. The word “Chapter” shall mean the Lincoln University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (XXX-XXXX).
Chapter. 30 to identify, evaluate, and allocate cultural resources 251 to a management category. The direction contained within FSH 2309.12 252 Chapter.30 applies to these activities regardless of whether they are 253 conducted under Section 106 or Section 110 (§ 306101-306107 and 306109- 254 306114) of the NHPA as amended, or Archaeological Resources Protection 255 Act (ARPA) (16 USC 470aa et. seq.) or other authorities. 256 2. Heritage Professionals, in keeping with the Secretary of the Interior’s 257 Standards for Identification, will use their best professional judgement in 258 creating an appropriate cultural resource identification strategy "undertaken 259 to the degree required to make decisions".
Chapter. 11 Case The conditions to confirmation and to the effective date of the Plan shall each be in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Committee and the Company. The Plan will provide that no condition may be waived, amended or deleted without the consent of the Committee, not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed. All documents, including without limitation, the Plan, the order approving a disclosure statement with respect to the Plan, the confirmation order, including any findings of fact and conclusions of law with respect thereto, and the corporate governance and related documents for the reorganized Company, shall each be in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Committee and the Company. In addition, the business plan included in the disclosure statement with respect to the Plan shall be substantially the same business plan as that contained in the presentations titled “Public Lenders Presentation” and “Private Lender Supplement,” each dated July 2009, which were provided by the Company to the Committee, with any change to be reasonably acceptable to the Committee.