Probationary status definition

Probationary status means the 12-month period following
Probationary status means the status of an employee between the employee's
Probationary status means the status of an employee between the employee's hiring and the granting of career service status.

Examples of Probationary status in a sentence

  • Probationary status unit members are ineligible for Category I leaves; however, second year probationary unit members are eligible to apply for Category I leaves which commence no earlier than the beginning of their third (3rd) contract year.

  • Probationary status imposed with or without restrictions for a definite period of time not to exceed one calendar year.

  • Probation: Probationary status allows a student to continue under certain specific criteria as determined by the SDC at a formal review.

  • Probationary status is removed once students earn grades of good standing.

  • Probationary status will be defined by the program's faculty, and the terms of probation must be signed by the Program Director and the student.

More Definitions of Probationary status

Probationary status means placing a licensee on notice that the facility or agency is substantially out of compliance with the terms of its license and the health, safety, and well- being of persons in care are at risk. Probationary status is a precursor to more serious action such as revocation, denial, or injunctive action unless immediate corrective action occurs.
Probationary status means the Office of EMS will place an institution on publicly disclosed probation when it has not completed a timely, thorough, and credible root cause analysis and action plan of any sentinel event occurring there. When the entity completes an acceptable root cause analysis and develops an acceptable action plan, the Office of EMS will remove the probation designation from the entity's accreditation status.
Probationary status means that the student will be required to undergo a program of academic support. Failure to complete the terms of a probationary status shall result in dismissal. Transfer students are not eligible for probationary status and must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.00 at all times.
Probationary status means that an institution has been authorized by the Council to enroll students, offer instruction, graduate students and award degrees under the condition that the institution is continuously seeking and making satisfactory progress toward acquiring full accreditation and full state authorization.
Probationary status means the 12-month period following a series of violations of this Act during which any further violation shall result in an automatic 12-month suspension of licensure.
Probationary status means the status of an approved program that is placed on such status pursuant to s. 464.019.
Probationary status means the status of an employee during a probationary period.