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ALLOWANCE FOR wearing lead protective clothing An employee required to wear lead aprons or similar apparel, shall be entitled to an allowance of $9.91 per week. This allowance shall increase over the life of this agreement as follows: 10/13 10/14 10/15 10/16 $9.91 PART 5 - HOURS OF WORK, BREAKS, OVERTIME, SHIFT WORK, WEEKEND WORK
ALLOWANCE FOR. A teacher on staff w i l l be reimbursed an amount t o be determined by the for expenses incurred while i n attendance at an Institution taking professional course where such course is taken after teacher certification and after coming on staff and where such course w i l l be used by the teacher i n duties as a teacher. This expense reimbursement w i l l only be paid for courses that are recommended by the superintendent and approved by the b a r d prior t o enrollment i n the course. ARTICLE Teachers employed under contract on a part- time basis shall: be paid according to their qualifications as established i n Article 4.02; be paid on a rate based on the fraction of the time employed; effective January the service of a part- time teacher shall be accumulated in the proportion of actuel percentage of time employed i n each school year. Whenever part- time teacher's service equals the equivalent of one full year or more, that teacher shall be reclassified t o next higher step of the schedule, on or January next, whichever occurs ARTICLE I N CLASSIFICATION The onus is on the teacher to give notice t o the Division after earning credits which result i n
ALLOWANCE FOR. In the application of this rule, an allowance will be made for deadheading Article ARTICLE


  • Allowance So long as Tenant is not in default of this Lease, and subject to the limitations described in the next following paragraph, Landlord shall pay to Tenant's contractors and materialmen, as a “Construction Allowance” an amount up to $5,258,025.00 ($75.00 psf) to be used for planning, architectural/engineering fees, demolition, Tenant's Work construction costs, and construction management/oversight fees, furniture, fixtures and equipment expenses and moving expenses (collectively, the “Actual Construction Costs”), which said amount shall be paid directly to Tenant's contractors and materialmen within thirty (30) days of the last to occur of all of the following: (a) all Tenant's Work performed by Tenant in the Premises shall have been substantially completed in accordance with the provisions of the Exhibits of this Lease and Tenant's plans and specifications; (b) Tenant shall have furnished Landlord a standard sworn “owners” statement /affidavit for Tenant's Work, (c)Tenant shall• have furnished Landlord a stai1dard sworn “general contractor's” statement /affidavit for Tenant's Work; (d) Tenant shall have furnished to Landlord final lien waivers from all general contractors, subcontractors and materialmen who supplied services or material as part of Tenant's Work; (e) Tenant shall have provided Landlord with a copy of the certificate of occupancy (or its equivalent) for the Premises issued by the appropriate governmental entity; and (f) Tenant shall have provided Landlord with “as-built” plans of Tenant's Work on a CD in Autocad format. Tenant shall have the right to request that Landlord pay Tenant's contractors and materialmen a portion of the Construction Allowance monthly provided that Tenant complies with the provisions of subsections (b), (c) and (d) above (provided that to satisfy this subsection [d], Tenant shall furnish Landlord partial lien waivers from all general contractors, subcontractors and materialmen who supplied services or material as part of Tenant's Work) and the amount Tenant's Work actually completed and installed in the Premises, for which payment is requested, is more than the amount of the Construction Allowance requested; and provided further that Tenant complies with subsections (a) through (f) above with regard to the final portion of the Construction Allowance. Tenant and Landlord shall establish a standard construction escrow at the office of the Landlord's title insurance company (the “Construction Escrow”) for the purpose of Landlord funding the Construction Allowance and Tenant paying the cost of Tenant's Work. Landlord and Tenant shall comply with the provisions of the Construction Escrow, and Tenant shall pay 100% of the cost of same. All payments for Tenant's Work shall be funded through the Construction Escrow. Unless required by Landlord's lenders or equity partners, the Construction Escrow will not require (i) that the title company issue date down mechanic lien endorsements every time part of the Construction Allowance is funded or (ii) that there be an inspecting architect who approves every draw; provided that if (i) and/or (ii) aforesaid is required, same shall be at Tenant's cost. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Tenant shall use no more than the following amounts of the Construction Allowance toward the following Actual Construction Costs: (i) $788,703 for construction management/oversight fees; and (ii) $1,402,140 for furniture, fixtures and equipment expenses and moving expenses. Prior to beginning construction of Tenant's Work, Tenant shall provide Landlord with a budget showing the anticipated cost of Tenant's Work. If the budget for Tenant's Work indicates that the cost of Tenant's Work exceeds the amount of the Construction Allowance, before Landlord is obligated to fund any part of the Construction Allowance, Tenant shall, using its own funds, pay for the cost of that part of Tenant's Work that is in excess of the Construction Allowance and Tenant's payment of same, through the Construction Escrow, shall be a condition to Landlord's obligation to pay the Construction Allowance.

  • Tool Allowance (a) A tool allowance as set in the relevant Wage Tables in Appendix A per week shall be paid for all purposes to:-

  • CAR ALLOWANCE The Company shall provide the Executive an automobile allowance of $750 per month during the term of Executive’s employment hereunder.

  • Tool Allowances The Employer shall supply all tools and equipment required to perform the work.

  • Housing Allowance During the Employment Period, Executive shall be entitled to receive a Cayman Islands housing allowance of US $6,000 per month. Executive will be responsible for any taxes due on such allowance.

  • Footwear Allowance The Company will reimburse full-time employees up to fifty ($50.00) dollars per year toward the cost of footwear upon presentation of a receipt. Eligible employees will receive reimbursement for footwear upon completion of six (6) months' service. Once employees have received the footwear allowance, they must wear such footwear during work hours.

  • Annual Allowance The Corporation shall pay to the Executive, in cash, in a lump sum, on the Payment Date an amount equal to two times the annual allowance to which the Executive is entitled as of the date of the Date of Termination (or, if higher, as of immediately prior to the Effective Date).

  • Boot Allowance The District will pay $180 toward the purchase and/or repair of work boots for District Employees listed in the District’s Work Apparel Policy and/or at the discretion of the employee’s department manager. Payment will be made by the first full paycheck of the employee’s date of hire and annually thereafter. Boots must meet applicable OSHA standards for the duties assigned.

  • Expense Allowance The Company shall reimburse the Executive for all reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by him from time to time in the performance of his duties hereunder, against receipts therefor in accordance with the then effective policies and requirements of the Company.

  • Travel Allowance 15. First Aid Allowance

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