Eligible Officer definition

Eligible Officer means a corporate officer who is also a director of the corporation and who has a substantial ownership interest in the corporation.
Eligible Officer means any employee of the Company or an Affiliate who is an executive officer of the Company, whether such person is so employed at the time the Plan is adopted or becomes so employed subsequent to the adoption of the Plan.
Eligible Officer means an officer employed under the terms of this Award.

Examples of Eligible Officer in a sentence

  • An Eligible Officer who is designated as a Participant for a given Performance Period is not guaranteed of being selected as a Participant for any other Performance Period.

  • Neither anything contained in this Plan nor any action taken under this Plan or the Award Agreement shall be construed as a contract of employment or as giving any Participant or Eligible Officer any right to continued employment with the Company or any Affiliate.

More Definitions of Eligible Officer

Eligible Officer means a person who qualifies for a benefit under this section. (b)
Eligible Officer means Equifax Inc. elected Officers and any other key Officer of Equifax Inc. or a subsidiary or division of Equifax Inc. as determined by the Committee, from time to time, including any such Officer who is a Director. An Eligible Officer shall not include an Officer who is not a full-time employee, even though said Officer is a Director, except that a person who was an Eligible Officer and a Director immediately prior to his retirement as an employee of the Company shall continue to be an Eligible Officer so long as he retains his position as an Officer and Director.
Eligible Officer means an officer of the Company or a Subsidiary, described in Section 2.1.
Eligible Officer means an executive officer described in Section 4.
Eligible Officer means an individual who is a corporate officer of an Employer, and who holds the title of Vice President or above, Treasurer, Controller, or an officer title of similar rank or other position as determined by the Committee. In no event will any individual constitute an Eligible Officer if he or she is not subject to federal income tax withholding in the United States. Notwithstanding anything in the preceding provisions of this Section 2.1(k), Eligible Officer shall exclude any individual who, pursuant to Walmart’s Global Assignment Policy, is seconded to an Employer and, under the terms of his or her offer or assignment letter, he or she is intended to remain on the home country’s benefit and pension programs.
Eligible Officer means: (i) an employee of the Company who participates in the ATRO Companies Profit-Sharing Plan/401(k) Plan and who is an officer of the Company; and (ii) an employee of a subsidiary of the Company who participates in the ATRO Companies Profit-Sharing Plan/401(k) Plan, who is an officer or executive of an affiliate or subsidiary of the Company and who the Board of Directors of the Company expressly designates an Eligible Officer.