Section 5.6 Sample Clauses

Section 5.6. Section 5.6 of the Credit Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:
Section 5.6. 31 An employee requested by the supervisor to work a shift or position on a temporary basis shall receive 32 the pay rate the employee would receive were the employee regularly assigned to that shift or position or 33 the employee's former pay rate, whichever is greater.
Section 5.6. 34 The Association reserves and retains the right to delegate any right or duty contained herein to appropriate 35 officials of the Public School Employees of Washington/SEIU Local 1948 State Organization.
Section 5.6. Section 5.6 of the Combination Agreement is hereby amended by deleting the first sentence of that section and replacing it with the following sentence: “At the request of Portugal, in the event that Italy acquires control of France, Italy shall cause France to use its reasonable best efforts to (i) redeem the outstanding France preferred shares Series F and 1 and the outstanding France convertible debentures in accordance with their respective terms, (ii) call a meeting of the holders of outstanding France preferred shares, Series G, H and 3 to approve amendments to the terms of such preferred shares to provide for the redemption of such preferred shares on such terms and conditions as are reasonably acceptable to Portugal and Italy, and (iii) redeem the France preferred shares, Series 2 following the Effective Time.”
Section 5.6. 5 The Association President shall have the opportunity to provide input to the school calendar. 9 A R T I C L E V I 11 ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATION 12 13 Section 6.1. 14 The Association will schedule a Labor Management Meeting with the Association President and a 15 minimum of one (1) other member as needed, who will meet with the Superintendent of the District 16 and/or the Superintendent's representatives on a mutually agreeable regular basis to discuss appropriate 17 matters. The meeting shall occur during the workday of the President of the Association.
Section 5.6. The last sentence of Section 5.6 of the Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety as follows: “The foregoing provisions of this Section 5.6 shall not apply (a) if the Investor and its Affiliates collectively own less than five percent (5%) of Ordinary Shares or American Depositary Shares of the outstanding share capital of the Company or Ordinary Share Equivalents, (b) to the sale of any shares to an underwriter pursuant to an underwriting agreement, and shall be applicable to the Investor only if all officers and directors are subject to the same restrictions or (c) if any beneficial owner of at least five percent (5%) of Ordinary Shares or American Depositary Shares of the then outstanding share capital of the Company or Ordinary Share Equivalents (excluding Xxxxx Bros. Advisors LP) is not subject to a Lock-Up Agreement upon the same terms and conditions as the Investor.
Section 5.6. 57 An employee who is unable to perform the essential function of their position due to disability 58 may be separated from service after the Employer has made good faith efforts to reasonably 59 accommodate the employee’s disability in accordance with applicable state and federal law.
Section 5.6. Section 5.6 of the Credit Agreement is hereby amended by (i) deleting the “or” at the end of clause (e)(iii), (ii) deleting the period at the end of clause (f) thereof and substituting “; or” therefor and (iii) adding new clause (g) thereto immediately following clause (f) thereof as follows:
Section 5.6. 28 When developing classroom and student schedules, the District will assure that each employee is 29 provided enough time to transition between duty assignments and/or classes. 30 31 32 33 ARTICLE VI 34 35 ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATION 36 37 Section 6.1. 38 The Association representatives shall represent the Association and employees in meeting with 39 officials of the District to discuss appropriate matters of mutual interest. They may receive and 40 investigate to conclusion complaints or grievances of employees and thereafter advise employees of 41 rights and procedures outlined in this agreement and applicable regulations or directives for resolving 42 the grievances or complaints. They may not, however, continue to advise the employee on courses of 43 action after the employee has indicated that he does not desire to pursue a grievance. This does not, 44 however, preclude the Association's right to pursue the matter to conclusion. They may consult with 45 the District on complaints without a grievance being made by an individual employee.
Section 5.6. 44 Employees requested to work a shift regularly filled by a higher classification employee shall receive 45 compensation equal to the employee in the higher classification, based upon the replacement employee's 46 experience step. For nutrition services employees, to receive the higher classification compensation the 47 employee must work at least one hour for an absent employee in a higher classification. 1 S ection 5.7.