The Contract Manager definition

The Contract Manager means [name of PS contract manager] or other person notified to the Contractor by the Client.
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The Contract Manager means the duly authorized Bank’s representative, who shall manage and be responsible for fulfillment of the Bank’s obligations, and shall oversee the Supplier’s performance of the Contract.
The Contract Manager means Margaret Leopold, Level 1B, Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London, SW1B 3PT or such other person as the Department may notify to the Consultant in writing from time to time.

Examples of The Contract Manager in a sentence

The Contract Manager monitors the daily activities of the contract and provides technical guidance to the Contractor.

The Contract Manager shall not invoice time and effort under this contract.

The Contract Manager may perform the duties of the Compliance Forester.

The Contract Manager will notify the Contractor in writing of: (i) the acceptance or denial, or (ii) contingent or temporary approval for a specified time limit, of the requested substitution.

The Contract Manager may request additional information concerning the proposed substitution.

More Definitions of The Contract Manager

The Contract Manager means Passenger Focus Contract Manager Name to be inserted here or other person notified to the Contractor by the Client.
The Contract Manager means the person appointed by the Provider to co-ordinate the provision of the Service, whose name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address will be supplied to the Purchaser on the commencement date.
The Contract Manager means the representative of Pertemps in accordance with Clause 14.1 or the person appointed from time to time by Pertemps to act as his deputy under Clause 14.5, as the case may be to have regular contact with the Authorised Officer and to act on behalf of Pertemps in all respects of this Agreement and whose appointment will be notified to Slough Borough Council in writing;