The Contract Manager definition

The Contract Manager means the duly authorized Bank’s representative, who shall manage and be responsible for fulfillment of the Bank’s obligations, and shall oversee the Supplier’s performance of the Contract.
The Contract Manager means [name of PS contract manager] or other person notified to the Contractor by the Client.
The Contract Manager means the person appointed by the Provider to co-ordinate the provision of the Service, whose name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address will be supplied to the Purchaser on the commencement date.

Examples of The Contract Manager in a sentence

  • The Contract Manager monitors the daily activities of the contract and provides technical guidance to the Contractor.

  • The Contract Manager may require annual recertification of the Vendor’s financial stability.

  • The Contract Manager may perform the duties of the Compliance Forester.

  • The Contract Manager or designee will use the results of monitoring activities and other relevant data to assess the Contractor’s overall performance and compliance with the Contract.

  • The Contract Manager does not have any express or implied authority to vary the terms of the purchase order, amend the purchase order in any way or waive strict performance of the terms or conditions of the purchase order.

  • The Contract Manager will notify the Contractor in writing of: (i) the acceptance or denial, or (ii) contingent or temporary approval for a specified time limit, of the requested substitution.

  • The Contract Manager may request additional information concerning the proposed substitution.

  • The Contract Manager or his/her designated representative has authority to determine the acceptable level of service.

  • The Contract Manager for post-award activities will be disclosed to the Successful Offeror.

  • The Contract Manager will provide a written response within ten (10) business days.

Related to The Contract Manager

  • Contract Manager means the DNR staff person who processes this contract, makes payments, provides and facilitates dispute resolution, provides technical advice to the Compliance Forester, and is the first point of contact for questions relating to this contract or interpretation of Work. The Contract Manager may perform the duties of the Compliance Forester.

  • Project Manager means the principal employee or agent of the Recipient having administrative authority over the Project designated in Appendix B pursuant to Section VI hereof, or authorized designee as per written notification to the Director.

  • Program Manager refers to the professional management firm selected by the Owner as the Owner’s representative for the Project, and its employees and consultants.

  • Project Managers means the Contractor’s Project Manager and the Bank’s Project Manager appointed by each of the Parties in accordance with Section 6. The initial Project Managers and their contact details are described in Schedule 7.

  • Contract Monitor means the Department employee identified in Section 1.6 of the IFB as the Contract Monitor.

  • The Contractor means the individual or firm or company whether incorporate not, undertaking the works and shall include legal personal representative of individual or the composing the firm or company and the permitted assignees of individual or firms of company.

  • Project Management The individuals appointed by each Party cf. clause 4.1 in the Agreement.

  • Quality Manager means the individual identified by the Design-Builder who is responsible for the overall Quality Control program and Quality Control activities of the Design-Builder, including the quality of management, design and construction. (also referred to as the “Quality Control Manager”).

  • Training manager means the individual responsible for administering a training program and monitoring the performance of principal instructors and guest instructors.

  • Contractor Project Manager means the employee identified in a Statement of Work as the Contractor project manager.

  • Account Manager means a Person that acts as an agent and attorney-in- fact to buy or sell Swaps via the SEF operated by BSEF in the name and on behalf of another Person. An Account Manager may also be a Participant.

  • Procurement Administrator means the GRDA employee with direct supervisory capacity of the Procurement Unit.

  • City’s Project Manager means the City’s employee, or his/her delegate, who is authorized in writing to deal with the Consultant on behalf of the City in connection with the Services, or to make decisions in connection with this Agreement;

  • Airport Manager means that term as defined in section 2 of the aeronautics code of the state of Michigan, 1945 PA 327, MCL 259.2.

  • Operations Manager means the individual responsible for the everyday operations, compliance requirements, and management of a mortgage broker business.

  • Supplier’s Manager means a manager who at the relevant time carries such designation from the Supplier under, or in accordance with, ARTICLE 5;

  • Project Management Report means each report prepared in accordance with Section 4.02 of this Agreement;

  • Coordinator means the person designated by Canada to act as the Dispute Resolution Coordinator.

  • Procurement Manager means any person or designee authorized by a state agency or local public body to enter into or administer contracts and make written determinations with respect thereto.

  • Technical Manager means Navios ShipManagement Inc., a company incorporated in the Xxxxxxxx Islands and having its registered office at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, XX00000 or any other person appointed by an Owner, with the prior written consent of the Agent, as the technical manager of the relevant Mortgaged Vessel;

  • Contract Manufacturer means a company that produces goods under contract for another company under the label or brand name of that company.

  • Program Director means an individual who has complete responsibility for the day to day function of the program. The Program Director is the highest level of decision making at a local, program level.

  • Team Leader means a member of the Security Personnel designated by the Contractors as team leader and identified to the Owners.

  • Contractor means the individual or entity, that has entered into this contract with the Commonwealth.

  • Lead Contractor means a person who has met the Board's requirements and has been issued a license by the Board to enter into contracts to perform lead abatements.

  • The Contractor/ Vendor means the individual or firm or company undertaking the works and shall include legal personal representative of individual or composing the firm or company and the permitted assignees of individual or firms of company.