Notice to Proceed Sample Clauses

Notice to Proceed. Work shall not commence on this Project until the Director has issued a written Notice to Proceed to the Recipient. Such Notice will not be issued until the Director is assured that the Recipient has complied with the Recipient's responsibilities concerning OEPA plan approval, when applicable. A Notice to Proceed shall be required for all project prime contractors or direct procurement initiated by the Recipient following execution of this Agreement.
Notice to Proceed. 4.02.1 Contractor shall begin performance under this Agreement on the date specified in a Notice to Proceed from the CPO or Director.
Notice to Proceed. Funding for this Contract is dependent on the award of the applicable federal grant. No FY 2019 work may begin and no charges may be incurred until the System Agency issues a written notice to proceed to Grantee. This Notice to Proceed may include an amended or ratified budget which will be incorporated into this Contract by a subsequent amendment, as necessary. Notwithstanding the preceding, at the discretion of the System Agency, Grantee may be eligible to receive reimbursement for eligible expenses incurred during the period of performance as defined by 2 CFR §200.309.
Notice to Proceed. District shall provide a Notice to Proceed to Contractor pursuant to the Contract at which time Contractor shall proceed with the Work.
Notice to Proceed. The City will issue a written notification to the Engineer to proceed with the work. The Engineer shall not start work prior to receipt of the written notice. The Engineer shall not be paid for any work performed prior to receiving the Notice to Proceed.
Notice to Proceed. A written notice to proceed, signed by the Department, directing the Design-Builder to proceed with the Project or any portion of the Project (“Notice to Proceed” or “NTP”).
Notice to Proceed. A written notice given by Owner to Contractor fixing the date on which the Contract Times will commence to run and on which Contractor shall start to perform the Work under the Contract Documents.
Notice to Proceed. The Owner will issue a Notice to Proceed which shall state the dates for beginning Work (the Date of Commencement) and for achieving Substantial Completion and Final Completion of the Work.
Notice to Proceed. Owner will issue a Notice to Proceed which shall state the dates for beginning Work and for achieving Substantial Completion of the Work.
Notice to Proceed. If Construction Phase Services are added to the Contract as set forth in Article 3.2, then a notice to proceed will be issued by Owner to begin the designated or full Construction Phase Services (“Notice to Proceed”). It is anticipated that the Notice to Proceed will be issued on or about , 20 . A separate Notice to Proceed shall be issued for any and every Early Work Amendment.