Project Documents definition

Project Documents means all documents relating to the Construction Loan, Mortgage Loan and Construction Contract. It shall also include all documents required by any governmental agency having jurisdiction over the Apartment Housing in connection with the development, construction and financing of the Apartment Housing, including but not limited to, the approved Plans and Specifications for the development and construction of the Apartment Housing.
Project Documents. This Agreement, any ground lease or other agreement or instrument in respect of the Site and/or the Land Rights, all construction contracts to which Seller is or becomes a party thereto, operation and maintenance agreements, and all other agreements, documents and instruments to which Seller is or becomes a party thereto in respect of the Facility, other than the Financing Documents, as the same may be modified or amended from time to time in accordance with the terms thereof.
Project Documents means all tenant lists, applications (whether accepted or rejected), leases, lease addenda, tenant and Developer certifications, advertising records, waiting lists, rental calculations and rent records, Utility Allowance documentation, income examinations and re- examinations relating to the Project, and any other documents otherwise required under the law or by the GLO.

Examples of Project Documents in a sentence

  • Because CASTAGRA does not practice Engineering or Architecture, neither the issuance of this Warranty nor any review of the Project Documents, building or other construction conditions by CASTAGRA representatives shall constitute any acceptance or implied warranty by CASTAGRA of such plans, specifications and construction, or in any way constitute an extension of the terms and con- ditions of this Warranty.

  • The City of Orland will perform the GPS location work under Part 3.02 of the Technical Specification titled “As-Built Project Documents and Survey”.

  • The Necessary Project Documents, which are attached hereto as Collective Exhibit “A” and incorporated herein by reference, shall be those required by the Town Staff, provided that the same are in compliance with Town rules and regulations.

  • Nonetheless, in the event these Projects Documents are altered, modified or adapted without the written consent of the XXXX, which consent the XXXX will not unreasonably withhold, the AUTHORITY agrees to hold the XXXX harmless to the extent permitted by law, from the legal liability arising out of and or resulting from the AUTHORITY’s alteration, modification or adaptation of the Project Documents.

  • The XXXX hereby grants, and will require its Subconsultants to allow the AUTHORITY, its agents, employees, and representatives for an indefinite period of time to reasonably use, make copies, and distribute as appropriate the Project Documents, works or Deliverables developed or created for the Project and this Contract.

More Definitions of Project Documents

Project Documents means all the plans, drawings and specifications used while bidding and all other documents necessary to complete all work.
Project Documents means the documents required to register the Project and/or issue VCUs, as set out in VCS document Registration and Issuance Process;
Project Documents means, collectively, this Non-Relocation Agreement, the Development Agreement, the Construction Funds Trust Agreement, the Stadium Lease, the Community Benefits Plan, the County Development Agreement, the Team Use Agreement, and the UNLV Joint Use Agreement, in each case, as the same may be amended, amended and restated, restated, renewed or extended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with the terms thereof.
Project Documents means, collectively, the Project Agreement and any other agreement (other than this Agreement) entered into from time to time by the Authority and Project Co (with or without other parties) in connection with the Project; and “Project Document” means any one of the foregoing;
Project Documents means all agreements and documents to which Seller or any of its Affiliates is a party or by which any of such Persons or their assets are bound relating to the development, engineering, procurement of equipment, design, manufacturing, supplying, transporting, delivering, unloading, storing, assembling, construction, installation, start-up, ownership, possession, leasing, financing, insuring, operation, maintenance, management, replacement, repair, studying, commissioning, testing or other use of the Facility, in whole or in part, including agreements and documents related to the real property interests serving the Facility, the Electric Interconnection Agreement and the other Deliverability Arrangements.
Project Documents means and includes the Construction Mortgage and the Permanent Mortgage , the Management Agreement, all other instruments delivered to (or required by) the Construction Lender and/or the Permanent Lender and all other documents relating to the Apartment Complex or the Tax Credit and by which the Partnership is bound, as amended or supplemented from time to time. Projected Credit to the Investment Limited Partner means $142,093 for 1998; $176,391 per annum for the years 1999 through 2007 (inclusive); and $34,295 for 2008; provided, however, that the Projected Credit for 2008 shall be reduced by the amount, if any, by which the Actual Credit for 1998 exceeds $142,093 and provided further that upon the occurrence of any of the events described in clauses (i), (ii) and (iii) of Section 5.1(g), the Projected Credit shall thereafter be the Revised Projected Credit.