Protection of the Sample Clauses

Protection of the research results and intellectual property rights Nothing in this agreement shall affect the ownership of each party in and to its Background and relating intellectual property rights existing prior to this agreement or generated outside the doctoral research project. ‘Background’ shall mean information, techniques, know-how, software and materials – regardless of its form or medium – including all relating intellectual property rights, which are provided by a party prior to or after the date of this agreement, to be used in the performance of the doctoral research. The research results created by the PhD candidate during a period of residence at one of the partner institutions exclusively with the means and support of that partner institution will be the exclusive property of that partner institution. The research results shall be jointly owned by both partner institutions if all parties have contributed to the creation of the research results and if the features of the results are such that it is not possible to separate them. If necessary the joint owners can agree on protection measures and the exploitation of the jointly owned results in a separate agreement. The research results that arise from the doctoral research, including their publication and exploitation, are protected within the valid regulations in each country and each partner institution. All registered IP-rights (e.g. patents) related to Results shall be notified without delay in writing to the tech transfer office of each Partner Institution. For UGent: UGent TechTransfer T.a.v. IP Department p/a Xx.-Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 00 0000 Xxxx Xxxxxxx Tel: 00 000 00 00 xxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xx For partner institution : NAME + FUNCTION ADDRESS LINE 1 ADDRESS LINE 2 ADDRESS LINE 3 ADDRESS LINE 4 Each Partner Institution shall have the worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable, fully paid-up right to use all research results for further internal non-commercial research and education purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, the provisions described above shall not affect the copyright established by the PhD candidate in the course of conducting the doctoral research project which is subject to the Regulations Concerning the Copyright of Doctoral Dissertations at each Partner Institution.
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Protection of the. OFFEREES DURING THE TERM OF THE OPTION AGREEMENT Subject to that which is stated in clause 4.2 above, the entitlement of the Offerees to securities of the Company in the event of distribution of bonus shares and/or rights issue, as mentioned in clauses 3 and 4 above, shall be preserved until the time of the exercise of the Options and shall be carried out only at the time of the exercise, and in accordance with the number of the Options which have actually been exercised at such time. In order to secure the rights of the Offerees as mentioned, the Company shall reserve shares in an appropriate number which will enable the Offerees to exercise their rights as mentioned above.
Protection of the. Environment The Consultant shall take all reasonable steps to protect the environment and to limit damage and nuisance to people and property resulting from pollution, noise and other results of his operations.
Protection of the. Chase Manhattan Bank. The Chase Manhattan Bank shall be protected in any action or inaction which it takes or omits to take in reliance on any directions or advice received pursuant to subparagraphs (a) or (b) of this section which The Chase Manhattan Bank, after receipt of any such directions or advice, in good faith believes to be consistent with such directions or advice. However, nothing in this paragraph shall be construed as imposing upon The Chase Manhattan Bank any obligation (i) to seek such directions or advice, or (ii) to act in accordance with such directions or advice when received, unless, under the terms of another provision of this Agreement, the same is a condition to The Chase Manhattan Bank's properly taking or omitting to take such action. Nothing in this subsection shall excuse The Chase Manhattan Bank when an action or omission on the part of The Chase Manhattan Bank constitutes willful misfeasance, bad faith, negligence or reckless disregard by The Chase Manhattan Bank of its duties under this Agreement.
Protection of the. Mortgagee The Mortgagee shall not be liable in respect of any loss or damage which arises out of the exercise, or the attempted or purported exercise of, or the failure to exercise any of its powers, with the exception of the undertaking with respect to enforcement of this Mortgage in Clause 8.1(a), unless such loss or damage is caused by its gross negligence, fraud or wilful misconduct.
Protection of the stockholders In accordance with the L.225-153 article of the Commercial law, as long as there are valid and non-exercises shares: - the Company avoids depreciating its capital and modifying the distribution of the benefit; however, the Company can create stocks with priority dividend without voting rights on the condition under the conditions contained in L.225-154 of the Commercial law; - in the event of reduction of capital moved by losses and realized by the reduction in the par value or the number of stocks, the rights of the stockholders will be reduced accordingly, as long as the aforementioned holders had been shareholders as of the date of circulation of the stock. Moreover, in accordance with article L.225-154 of the Commercial law, as long as there will be valid and non-exercised shares, the Company will not be able to carry out the issue of shares against cash reserved to the shareholders or the issue of other titles comprising a preferential duty of subscription, with incorporation of capital reserves, benefit or premiums issue, or the distribution of cash reserves, in the condition of reserving the rights of the stockholders which would exercise their shares. To this end, the Company will have, under the conditions described in articles 171 to 174 of the decree n° 67-236 of March 23, 1967, to allow to the stockholders which will exert the application right related to these stocks, as the case may be, to subscribe on a purely irreducible basis of the stock or new titles or to obtain new stock on a purely free basis, or to receive cash or titles similar to the titles distributed in the same quantities or proportions, except with regard to the possession, which if they had been shareholders at the time of the aforementioned emissions, incorporations or distributions; or, in the cases envisioned by the law, to allow them, if they wish to take part in the operation, to exert their application right. For any movable issue of securities or another operation comprising a preferential duty of subscription reserved for the shareholders, the Company will have to inform, as a preamble, the stockholders in writing (in accordance with the mentions outlined in article 174-2 of decree n° 67-236 of March 23, 1967). In the event of absorption of the Company by another company, of fusion with one or more other companies in a new company, or of scission by contribution of existing or new companies, the holders of the scrip Certificates will be able to subscribe t...
Protection of the. Tenancy Deposit The Deposit is safeguarded by registration with: The DPS OR MYDEPOSITS
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Protection of the. Headquarters district
Protection of the. ENVIRONMENT (a) The Company warrants that it will do its utmost to adhere to the current and future environmental laws and regulations and shall submit an Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan in accordance with the Act to mitigate the effect on the environment throughout the life of the mine. (b) In addition to the requirements of the Environmental Management Program, the Company shall be responsible for reasonable restoration and rehabilitation of the surface of Exploration and Mining areas and areas used by the Company and shall be responsible for the safe disposal of liquid substances, protection of pits and shafts and everything necessary for the shutdown of mining and treatment operations. The Company shall take all reasonable measures to control the effects of harmful pollution contamination to the extent practicable and according to international environmental standards and that stipulated in the Act. The cost of such action shall be included in the operating costs. A reserve fund shall be established at the commencement of mining operation to cover costs of all such measures. 10ARTICLE: 18.
Protection of the. Marine Environment The vessels of each Contracting Party shall take all necessary measures to prevent environmental damage within the territory of the other Contracting Party. Vessels of each Contracting Party, in the territory of the other Contracting Party, shall be liable, according to the latter Contracting Party’s legislation in force in the field of environmental protection. In case of a marine pollution caused by a vessel of one of the Contracting Parties in the territory of the other Contracting Party, the polluting vessel will be responsible according to the legislation of that Contracting Party and relevant international conventions.
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