Pursuant to Clause Sample Clauses

Pursuant to Clause. 2.1 the tenderer shall furnish, as part of its tender, documents establishing the tenderers eligibility to tender and its qualifications to perform the contract if its tender is accepted.
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Pursuant to Clause. 33.3 (Resignation of a Borrower) of the Agreement, we request that [resigning Borrower] be released from its obligations as a Borrower under the Agreement.
Pursuant to Clause. 20 (Power of Attorney), the Security Trustee may, upon the occurrence of an Insolvency Event of Default and shall, if so instructed pursuant to the Security Trust and Intercreditor Deed upon or at any time after the occurrence of any Event of Default which is continuing, deliver to relevant persons Notices of Charge duly executed by the Security Trustee on behalf of the Company in respect of any Accounts falling within the ambit of the security created pursuant to Clause 3 (Fixed Charges, Assignments and Floating Charge).
Pursuant to Clause. 24.3 (Resignation of a Borrower), we request that [resigning Borrower] be released from its obligations as a Borrower under the relevant Finance Document.
Pursuant to Clause. 28.4 (Resignation of a Guarantor) of the Agreement, we request that [resigning Obligor] be released from its obligations as a Guarantor under the Agreement.
Pursuant to Clause. 13.2 above, the Service Provider shall keep full and accurate records of all costs associated with the provision of the Services to Transnet, in a form to be approved in writing by Transnet. The Service Provider shall produce such records to Transnet for inspection at all reasonable times on request and such records may, at Transnet's option, be audited by Transnet or its designated representatives.
Pursuant to Clause. 12.01, the Employer will notify the Employee in writing prior to the completion of the probationary period of an extension of the Employee's probationary period and shall give the reason(s) for the extension. The Employer shall offer the Employee counselling to assist the Employee to become suitable for permanent appointment.
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Pursuant to Clause. One (1) a worker who refuses to carry out a work process or operate a tool, appliance or equipment shall forthwith report the circumstances of the unsafe condition to their Supervisor.
Pursuant to Clause. 13(a) of the Franchise Agreement, as from the Effective Date, the following approvals will apply:
Pursuant to Clause. 13.1, the Parties agree that TB may from time to time and in its sole and absolute discretion, amend and/or replace any of the Annexes to the Agreement by notifying the Organisation in writing and such notification shall operate to vary the Agreement accordingly.
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