Director of health definition

Director of health means the director of the department of health of the state of Ohio and includes any authorized representative of the director.
Director of health means the director of a local health department or district health department appointed pursuant to section 19a-200 or 19a-242 of the general statutes;
Director of health means the director of health or the director's authorized representative.

Examples of Director of health in a sentence

  • After the examination, each selected candidate shall produce a certificate of medical fitness for the Government service from such standing Medical Board as may be arranged by the Director of health Services, Haryana as per rules.

  • The verbal approval from the District Director of health paved the way for me to proceed without hindrance, confirming Burges (2000), view that entering unstructured settings involves„negotiations and renegotiations‟.

  • No provision of these regulations shall be deemed to require a construction change in any portion of the facility regulated by these regulations, when such facility was installed and is maintained in accordance with the law in effect prior to the effective date of these regulations, except when any such construction regulated by these regulations is determined by the Director of health to be, in fact, dangerous, unsafe, unsanitary or a nuisance, and a menace to life, health or property.

  • The director of CHD and the departmental Director of health of the Mono and Couffo departments and the participants were informed about the objectives of the study.

  • E.300.5 18 V.S.A. § 9491(a) is amended to read:(a) The director of health care reform in the agency of administration agency of human services shall oversee the development of a current health care workforce development strategic plan that continues efforts to ensure that Vermont has the health care workforce necessary to provide care to all Vermont residents.EXPLANATION: Updates statute to reflect the transfer of the Director of health Care reform to AHS.

More Definitions of Director of health

Director of health means the director of a local health department or district health department approved by the commissioner as specified in Connecticut general statutes sections 19a-200 and 19a-242, respectively.
Director of health means the Director of Public Health or employees of the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health.
Director of health means the executive director of the Department of Health or his 1629 authorized representative.
Director of health means the legally designated Director of the Salt Lake City or County Health Department or any representative authorized by such official to act on his or her behalf.
Director of health means the Director of the San Francisco Department of Public Health or their designee.
Director of health means the local Director of Health or his authorized agents.
Director of health means the Darien Director of Health who is charged with the responsibility and authority for preserving and improving the public health and preventing the spread of diseases in the Town of Darien.